Josephine "Friday" Bovie

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Josephine Friday
Full name Josephine "Friday" Bovie
Date of Birth May 19th 2499, New Paris Hospital Bernadette
Parents Pierre Bovie (father) and Sophia Jaquez-Bovie (mother)
Siblings None
Spouse William Lockwood Winchester I (engaged)
Children Tipper Mary McCullen, aka Tippy Mae (Adopted). She's also become Legal Guardian of her cousin Aubrey Marelynn Jaquez.
Assignment Winchester Repeating Arms Co.
Specialization Administration
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Dark Blue/Golden Blond
Height and Weight 5'6"/130 lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information

Altotting’s Graduated June 12th 2517, Université d'Art Moderne 2517 - 2519, Université de Sciences humaines 2519 - 2520, Académie de La police 2520 - 2522 (Graduated)

Military Service


Employment History

Bounty Hunters Guild (Retired), Winchester Repeating Arms Co.

Personal Notes

Blood Type: AB Positive

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The woman stands a tad above average, holding the height of that classic beauty from the old days of Earth That Was. Her skin is fair, peaches and cream, a slight tint of crimson to her lovely cheeks. She has shoulder length golden blond hair that is set with slight waves of curls, and lovely blue eyes surrounded by slightly darker tinted lashes. Her lips are soft, round and plump always painted the color of dark red roses.

The woman wears a nice crisp white dress shirt. The kind with the high neck button and a small diamond shape cut-away to show off a slight hint of cleavage. The shirt is tailored to the woman's hourglass figure, hugging her middle before tucking into a neatly pressed pencil framed black skirt that runs down slightly past her knee. The skirt hugs the woman's hips, and frames the curve of her legs, splitting away slightly in the back with a modest, take a peek slit. Her legs are hugged by black silk stockings, the kind with the pencil thin darker line running up the back to hug the curves of the calf and thigh. It's finished off by a pair of black stiletto heels, a modest two or three inches added to her height.



Josephine Bovie, the daughter of the retired New Paris Chef, who in his prime was famous for his sculpted chocolate creations, and silk soft pastries, towering cake features for the privileged and wealthy entertainers of the verse. Chef Bovie was known through out the verse very well, and anyone who was anyone hired Chef Bovie for their parties.

Rumors mill around, but Chef Bovie retired in his prime with no real public explanation for why he sold his four restaurants, and opened up a small corner Bistro and Bakery on Bernadette, though it was rather clear the money he got for his restaurants paid for his daughter Josephine to attend the rather exclusive French traditions of Altings, School for Girls. Altings, usually reserved for privileged girls, of those of breeding and stature sometimes extend what they call scholarships to girls who are otherwise considered less then privileged. Tuition for Altings is expensive, and those who occasionally get in the school via a scholarship are considered by staff and students a charity case.

Josephine grew up watching the privileged, she even was able to mostly knock away the charity case reputation she came with, and make some few friends, including a coveted seat upon the Alting Girls Rose Society Club. She graduated not the top of her class but she did do very well for herself.


Once out of Altings, and trying her hand at a few colleges for arts and acting, Josephine decided to use her talents in arts for science purposes. She attended a Police Academy on Bernadette specializing in Computer Science, and Art Forensics.

After Graduation from the Academy, Josephine placed her application in various places, staying away from The Alliance, since she didn’t want to be a soldier and finally was hired by Guildmaster Matthews as a personal assistant and office clerk. Six months into her job, Chase Matthews saw she had great potential and organization skills, and was often more ontop of things with daily operations then he was and promoted her to the assistant guildmaster, letting Josephine handle daily business while he handled everything else.

Josephine, who commonly goes by the name Joe has been seen in many social circles. She’s been spied having supper with 1st Lieutenant Calhoun, playing cards and drinking coffee with Alliance Legal Department Officials and dancing with mercenary spacers in bars. Rumors have it, two weekends out of the month Josephine goes away to Hera, where she stays at Lord Winchesters Estate, and rumors have it that Lord Winchester even publically announced at his private auction that they were a couple.

When the tampered medication reached the public, Josephine was one of those who fell sick, during that time period she was isolated at the hospital, and had to take a very extended medical leave of absence. Once released from the hospital she then left for several months to Bernadette to quietly see to family affairs. Rumors have it, not only did her Grandmother pass away due to complications caused by tampered medication, but her grandfather followed shortly and her mother had to be admitteded into a care facility.

Joe rushed back from Bernadette to Hera, when it was announced that William Winchester was being held captive by terrorists. The woman was seen several times in the beginning counceling the family, though rumors have it that Joe was not impressed by the actions of the Alliance officers handling the case, and isolated herself to her room. Shortly after Williams safe return, Josephine was forced to retire from The Guild due to medical concerns, and it wasn't long after that a non-formal announcement of William and Josephine were going to finally get married, and Josephine was insisting on a traditional catholic wedding in July.