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Jonathan Alan Brind
Full name Jonathan
Date of Birth April 1, 2481
Parents Ben and Maurine Brind
Assignment Pilot, Guan-Yin
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue/Brown
Height and Weight 6 foot, average weight
Status Inactive
Employment History
  • Current: Pilot, Guan-Yin
  • Past 1: Chief Mechanic/Engineer, Chong Sheng
  • Past 2: Chief Mechanic/Engineer, St. Michael
  • Past 3: Sherrif, Deadwood
  • Past 4: Soldier


Standing at an even six feet tall he is not an imposing figure. He has brown hair with a slight touch of grey. His blue eyes are wrinkled with age and sun. His is of an average build and lightly tanned. He is clean shaven with close croped hair. His features are gentle and smooth. He has a slim nose and broad face that make his eyes seem small. His hands are rough and have seen hard work the small scars hold testimony to that. His fingers are long and nimble.

He wears a black calf length riding coat made of oiled canvas, as is his hat. These have both seen better days but are still functional. Under this he has a pair of blue jeans and a white button up shirt. On his feet are a pair of brown riding boots. His boots are old and in need of polishing. Over all his clothes seem comfortable and broke in.


I was born on the border world of Beaumonde. My parents were Ben and Maurine Brind. They raised me to respect life and all. I studied at some of the best schools and became a pilot of Capital ships. This is how I came to be in the rim at the start of the war. I had many friends out here and when they called for volunteers I rushed at the chance. They needed pilots and I became good at it, then my captian died and I took his place and my natural leadership came through. I lead my men through many battles and lost only a handful. Then the end came and I had to give up my ship and crew. I was thrown out into the rim again - this time with out a ship or a job. Then I came to this settlement and they took me in and gave me the job as Sheriff. I don't think anyone else really wanted it but I have done them proud.

I have had a hard life. Though I am happy I have lived it. My wife Rachel gave me three children. One daughter Linda, and twin boys Ryan and Nathan. My daughter is the oldest and was married to a prospector on Saint Albins. His family had lived there from the first day it was ready for habitation. My daughter met him as he was trading in the core. It was love at first sight. When she was with child she came home to get my wife so she could be there for the birth of our first grandchild. I was on Three Hills protecting a few missionaries when I got the news that My wife and daughter were killed by reavers as the ship they were on was attacked. I later heard that My daughters husband had shot himself. My sons have never talked to me. They blame me for not being there to protect Rachel and Linda. They are both at university now. One is going to be a doctor and the other a lawyer. I am proud of the both of them. They have done this with no help from me and no desire to ask for it.

In my youth I served on the Swordfish. One of the few capital ships the alliance had during the war. I was commisioned on the Protector a small transport when the bridge crew lost their lives. I was wlaking to the bridge from the engine room when I spotted a small rubber duck on the floor. How it got there I have no idea. I stoped to pick it up and we were hit by a missle from an alliance boat. I was thrown to the floor as the bridge was torn apart and the bulk heads sealed in front of me. As I got to my feet I spotted the small rubber duck. It has been my good luck charm ever sence.

Personality and Demeanor

Jonathan is a friendly and outgoing man. He has a quick wit and smile. He is a gentleman that bows and tips his hat to women.

Current Employment

Currently he is a pilot for the Guan-Yin and a member of the bounty hunters guild.

Bounty Record

None Currently


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Jonathan is always ready to role play. Just ask and if he answers he is ready to play.