Jonah McCoy

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Jonah Michael McCoy
Jonah McCoy
Full name Doctor Jonah Michael McCoy
Birthplace Shadow
Parents Father: Jonathan, Mother: Michelle
Siblings Unknown
Spouse Married to Rhonwen O'Neil-McCoy
Children Cassidy McCoy, Alexander O'Neil, Cody Cobrainne
Assignment Doctor of Red Lion Industries
Specialization Medicine
Gender male
Eyes and Hair Pale blue, greying black
Status active
Employment History

Head of Surgery for Huang General Hospital

Personal Notes


This is an alt of River's. If you need to contact this alt, please poke River in-game.

Background - Pre-PC

Born on Shadow, Jonah had an unusual childhood, in that he spent about 3 months out of the year on Sihnon. His father had been born there, you see, on Sihnon, in the small city of Huang who's main export is bamboo, for the name of the city means 'bamboo grove'. His father's family is merchant wealthy and actually own about a third of Huang, including the general hospital there. Not that it shows with Jonah, for he's a man from Shadow, born and bred and you'd never know that his father had money. For they lived the simple life of ranchers, other than the visits once a year to Huang.

After school on Shadow, Jonah went to medical school on Sihnon, specializing in cardiology, but generalizing as much as possible beyond that. It was during medical school that he married his childhood sweetheart Leeah, a girl also from Shadow. She, like Jonah, went to medical school. Unlike Jonah, however, she remained on the sidelines of the war after graduation. Jonah went to work for the Independant, or Browncoat, army as a doctor. He worked his way up through the ranks, and by the latter part of the war was a Colonel. He was a damn good trauma surgeon, thanks to his going as general as possible in medical school. Of course, part of his focus on his work was the fact that during the war, Shadow was bombed and turned unlivable. All of Jonah's family living on Shadow was killed. Mother, father, his sister, several aunts and uncles, countless cousins, grandparents, great grandparents. All of them from his mother's side of the family were killed.

At the end of the war, in 2511, when so many others were put into concentration camps, so too was Jonah. He was much broken by this, but he and his wife remained together, even having a daughter, Cassidy, born to them a year after the war, in January of 2512. Seven years after Cassidy was born, in August of 2519, there was an accident, after Leeah picked Cassidy up from school and was on her way home. Both his wife and daughter were killed in that accident. After that, Jonah kept much to himself, never dating, never getting closer to anybody than friendship called for. Eventually, he became Head of Surgery at the hospital his father's family owned, Huang General.

In January 2524, Jonah never showed up for a surgery he was scheduled to perform, instead being taken from behind with a tranquilizor dart. On his dead daughter Cassidy's birthday, no less. When he woke up, he was back in a concentration camp. A much improved, for conditions, much more sophisticated and modern concentration camp, but a concentration camp none the less, for the torture that occured.

Background - PC

In 2525, April, more than a year after he'd been taken to the new concentration camp, he and all the other prisoners of that camp were rescued. After rescuing, Jonah, along with his then cellmate Xian Nu Ashcroft, were taken aboard the Ethereal Embrace, both with stab wounds. About a week later, Jonah stepped off that ship for the first time and laid eyes on Rhonwen O'Neil and her son Alex, all while Jonah was still standing on the ramp of the Ethereal Embrace. It was the pretty classic storybook ideal of 'love at first sight', and it hit both him and Rhonwen.

After nearly an hour of standing around talking to the various people there, the woman and her son left to go catch a shuttle. Minutes later, Jonah did too, heading or Sihnon. Turns out, that's where Rhonwen and Alex were going too, and Jonah helped them with their luggage getting onto the shuttle. On the shuttle, they took seats in the same row, and chatted the whole way. As the shuttle was landing, that 'love at first sight' thing kicked in, and they exchanged a passionate kiss, much to the dismay of poor young Alex, a nine year old redheaded boy. As Jonah helped them get off with their luggage, Rhonwen asked him to meet her, and he said yes.

The following day, they met at a local cafe Jonah knew of in Huang, a place where all the medical staff of Huang General happened to eat on a regular basis. What Jonah didn't realize, is that Rhonwen was known there, for trying malpractice cases. In the end, it didn't matter, for he glared everyone else to silence and he and Rhonwen had a peaceful enough meal there. As it happens, he still had some clout afterall. They might call him Stargazer, but that certainly didn't mean his head was always in the stars.

Several weeks later, after dating Rhonwen on a nearly daily basis, many of the dates going places so Alex could be part of it, Jonah got a call from young Alex. His mother failed to pick him up from his soccer practice and tutoring sessions. So Jonah went and picked the boy up. Luckily, Rhonwen had, earlier that week, put Jonah down as one who was allowed to do so. He took the boy back to the hotel where he and his mother were staying, only to find Rhonwen in her bedroom having a grand mal seizure. After getting her out of it, and her refusing to go to the hospital, Jonah took her and Alex back with him to live at his condo.

Another few weeks pass by, of testing revealing nothing really out of the ordinary. All the while, he and Rhonwen grew closer and closer together. Unfortunately, the seizures struck again, with far more ferocity than the previous time, and Jonah had no choice but to call for an ambulance. Alex was out for the night, staying with a friend. Being close enough to her now, Jonah pulled himself from Rhonwen's medical case, leaving it in the hands of the other doctors. It was then that Rhonwen's medication was tested, and proven to have been messed up. On purpose? Perhaps. The answer is still uncertain at this time.

What Jonah didn't know at the time is that Rhonwen had had power of attorney bestowed on him, and he had her transferred out, just in case her medication mixup wasn't a mistake. She was transferred to MWC, where she started getting better, something that was a big comfort to Jonah's peace of mind. Alex, of course, came along with them. After Rhonwen was released, the pair of them left Alex in the care of Jonah's family on Sihnon, and took a much needed vacation, where he proposed to her and they got married.

On the heels of their marriage, they cut their vacation short to go have an interview with Red Lion Industries, where they were hired. About a month later, Rhonwen brings home a foster girl named Cassidy. Jonah sees the girl, the girl sees him, and both go pale, recognizing each other at once. Jonah comes to find out that Cassidy and Leeah hadn't died afterall, but that Leeah had staged her own death to get away from Jonah.


Wife: Rhonwen O'Neil-McCoy
Stepson: Alexander O'Neil-McCoy
Stepson: Cody Cobrainne
Daughter: Cassidy McCoy
Widow: Leeah McCoy
Mother: Michelle McCoy
Father: Jonathan McCoy
Sister: Kathrine McCoy