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Full name Jolene Grace Dinozzo
Date of Birth February 14th, 2520
Parents Gregory Dinozzo (Father) & Faye Dinozzo (Mother)
Siblings Older Brothers
Spouse unwed
Assignment Chef
Specialization Cooking
  • Dancing
  • Art
  • Sewing
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blue Hazel eyes, Caramel Blonde hair
Height and Weight 5'0", 125lbs
Status Alive
Education Information
  • Private School

Brief Background

  • Grew up on Newhall in an upper middle class family
  • Discovered her passion for cooking and dancing when she was a toddler
  • Wants to open her own bakery.

Jolene's Normal Description

Jolene looks to be just old enough to drink with a light caramel complexion that has soft hue of pink upon her high cheekbones. Long very light brown softly curling hair, that has natural blonde highlights throughout and blonder upon the bottom, falls to right above her perky butt showing off her oval face. From underneathe her practically perfect eyebrows, her eyes are hazel which upon closer inspection shows blue with hints of gray and green speckled throughout the iris, and they are accompanied by her long thick light brown eyelashes, underneathe that is her smooth almost button nose and her full soft pink lips which are usually smiling.

Upon her short, athletic, and curvy form is a baby blue strapless dress that hugs her form until it gets to her hips and then flares out until it falls to her knees, the fabric seems to be of satin, with matching open toe high heels upon her feet. This outfit causes the blue to stand out more in her eyes.

Employment History


Nov 18 2542 - Hired on the Guan-Yin as the chef. Jan 15 2543 - Starts seeing Viscount Kent

Famous Quotes

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