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Full name Johnathan Cyrus Farnum Jr.
Date of Birth June 1, 2492
Parents Johnathan and Abigail Farnam
Siblings none
Assignment XO on the Chong Sheng
Specialization Firearms, Hand to Hand Combat, Security
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue / Light Brown
Height and Weight 6'1" / 185 pounds
Status Inactive
Education Information

Home Schooled on Athens/Independent Military

Employment History
  • Past 1: Independent Military station at New Kashmir, Infanty/Demolitions
  • Past 2: Security Officer aboard the Boudica
  • Past 3: Security/Cargo Hand aboard the The Headhunter
  • Past 4: XO aboard the Saint Michael

Johnathan "Johnny" Farnam Jr (2492-Present)

Born on a collective farming community of Buddhists on Athens, Johnny grew up not knowing the difference between the rich and the poor. For the most part he also grew up not understanding war aside from the purpose it served in his martial art training. To train for defense was the only reason. That was, until the war. Leaving home (despite their displeasure) to fight the Alliance, there was a part of him that was always called to the black. Scattered to the wind like a small flake of ash after the Independent army was smashed into submission...he finds himself moving forward.


Standing at just a hair or two over six feet tall, Johnny is a muscular caucasian with a farm-boyish look to him. His body is coiled with muscles more reminiscent of a swimmer's build from long hours spent working out to stay in shape. His hair is trimmed short, but left with just enough length to have some style to it. Unfortunately, he neglects to style his hair and leaves the bed-head look most of the time. Sideburns stretch down to his earlobes and are trimmed short to avoid the mutton-chop look.

His right shoulder bears a deep tissue scar from a bulletwound received during the war. However, over the right bicep is a picture of a Kung-Fu dog (picture Hong-Kong Phooey) with the kanji for "Combat" and "Dog" trailing downwards from it. On his left bicep is a tattoo of the Independent Armies that he received during his service. On his back is simply a quote from a koan that reads:

In the service of my Empress I burned incense to perfume my exquisite clothes. Now as a homeless mendicant I burn my face to enter a Zen temple.

Personality and Demeanor

Johnny's a strange personality containing a constantly interchanging mix of farmboy reuben, zen idealist, and a wisecracking soldier. Being raised on a Buddhist collective farm put alot of small town values and respect for life and emotion into Johnny. However, his attachment to his curiosity grew and the war took him to join with the Browncoats and help fight against the alliance.

Johnny's an honest man with a strong sense of personal honor. Sure, there's always an exception to the rule, but he follows a path he's set for himself. He'd never dishonor a true friendship just as much as he'd never harm a true friend. However, the war's also taught him that sometimes things just aren't fair. Sometimes you have to be rough.

However, Johnny knows deep inside that he's a good man that will make the right decision at the right time, even if that means making an unpopular one.

Johnny knows a few good drinking games, and doesn't get angry when he tells his war stories because he'd rather talk about the friends he had than the friends he'd lost. He's fond of "kung fu theatre" style movies, meditation, playing darts, and the occasional barbecue. He can also be regularly dragged into games of football (aka soccer).

Current Employment

Johnny is currently a crewmember aboard the Saint Michael.

Bounty Record

None Currently


In progress

OOC Information

I am a -very- easygoing roleplayer and I try to make every scene I get into really colorful and dynamic. I don't shy away from roleplay, I let the chips fall where they may, and most of all...I don't get upset OOCly easily at all.

So feel free to look "Johnny" up for roleplay and by all means, get into a scene with him. I love gaming with new faces.