Johnathan Keel

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Keel (Callsign: Hammer)
Johnathan Hammer Keel
Full name Johnathan Keel
Date of Birth January 24, 2487
Parents Unknown
Siblings None
Assignment Special Operations, Red Angel
Specialization Silent Combat
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Lots of brown hair, craggy face, stubble
Height and Weight 6'1", 75kg
Status Active
Education Information
  • Alliance Military


A patriot turned mercenary, Johnathan Keel is an Ex-Special Forces agent who worked for the Alliance (equivalent to the S.A.S) who was declared MIA five years ago on a botched search and destroy mission. Now he's back.


Johnathan "Hammer" Keel. Looking upon this relatively tall (6'1) man, there's no way he would be able to blend in with a crowd. His build consistently fails to fit into an average standard, seeming to be /too/ balanced. Muscle is countered with wiriness and so forth.

His face doesn't help too much in the balancing department either. A thick, unruly mop of brown hair obscures the back of his neck, his ears, some of his cheeks, and his eyebrows, but just underneath it are dull brown eyes that don't seem to reflect any light but radiate an interesting, unrestricted sort of cheekiness. His face looks like a face artist got halfway through refining his work before giving up in disgust, such was the overall cragginess. A pointed jaw was graced by a few days worth of stubble.

Personality and Demeanour

Gruff, Tough, and Rough with a dirty sense of humour and a rather notoriously British accent. I mean, sure, he's a nice enough guy for people who've earned his trust, but he is utterly ruthless when it comes to people who have crossed him, his comrades, or anyone who stands in the way of justice. He tends to approach any problem from an impersonal and military perspective, which is great in some situations but not so good in others. He has a very, very, very rough sense of humour, and likes his beer. Really likes his beer.