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Johanna Saunders
Full name Johanna Adrienne Saunders
Date of Birth June 4, 2492
Parents John Saunders Sr. (father), Dr. Lily Saunders (mother)
Siblings Dr. John Christopher Saunders Jr.
Spouse Unwed
Children none
Assignment Bengalo Draba - Pilot
Specialization Pilot and all things flying
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Dark Green, Chocolate Brown Hair
Height and Weight 5’2” 115 lbs
Status Inactive


Joy is joyful, happy, she may not like everything in the verse, or everyone but she’s glad for what she has and is going to make the best of it damnit all! She’s got a knack for trouble as well, often questioning when she ought to keep her mouth shut, she’s never afraid to back down from something or someone she believes in. She knows right from wrong, and she knows that what is legal ain’t always right and what isn’t ain’t always wrong.


Johanna Adrienne Saunders called ‘Jo’ by her closest of friends was born in the summer of 2492 to a well respected family in Londinium. Both her parents were educators, her father a professor of history one of the more prestigious universities while her mother works as a professor of medicine. Reason of course would dictate that both Johanna and her elder brother would follow similar paths, and while John did go on to become a physician… Jo would have none of the ‘norm’. Even as a small child, the rambunctious and cheerful Jo would constantly find herself in trouble. Be it for questioning her parents, teachers, or simply acting out the young girl seemed a revolving door for mischief. As she grew that knack for trouble grew into a desire to find something outside the dusty libraries, and prim and proper life her parents led.

Branching out

Jo was about 15 when the browncoats started their fight, and far too young to run off and do anything important but she wanted to badly. Those times were filled with many an argument with her parents on their seemingly uncaring views on the plight of the browncoats want of freedom. Two years went by, and the fight became a war, and the verse was thrown into turmoil. Her brother of course, the shining pillar of perfection that he was leaving home to attend medical school on Ariel and yet again leaving Jo standing in his shadow. Terrified that she would be sucked into a life of mediocrity and dullness, Jo ran… she left her family, her home and by the graces managed to keep herself alive. Johanna made her way working random jobs, until one day she caught an ad for flight school

The War

Johanna made it through flight school with stellar reports, scoring top three in her class and gaining her noticeable attention from the alliance who were still looking to fill their ranks. If you ask her, Jo has never laughed so hard as the day the alliance tried to recruit her, but she managed to decline the offer without peeing herself so that alone was a small victory. The moment she could she hit the borders, joined the browncoats and was assigned to run goods to the soldiers that nee’em. While running supplies to the soldiers holding Serenity valley, Jo’s bird was taken down, and she spent the rest of the war in a medical facility. A little scarred, and with the war lost, Jo like many other browncoats found her way to a small plot of life on a distant moon. Jo’s spent the last years working as a farm hand, shop girl and any other job that don’t involve flying trying to just make do with the lot she’s been given. Recently however, that itch, that drive, that powerful need to roam has pushed her from the borders and towards Persephone… and flying the black once again.


This woman stands at a tiny five foot two inches, with a slender average build. Slight in size she does not carry a physical presence of note, but is graced with subtle feminine curves instead. Looking to be in her early thirties, she's blessed with a smooth complexion and a youthful blush to her cheeks. Her hair a deep brown chocolate color contrasting with the softness of her lightly sun touched skin. Large green eyes surrounded by softly curling lash and well kept brow the most striking of her features. Her slender nose seems to have the slightest of angles to it, as if it was broken and reset funny. Full pouting lips, which always seem to be smiling even when the woman is not, give the woman a kind, welcoming look. A light grey tank top, made of ribbed cotton, the shirt looking rather new only has a few wrinkles in the formed fabric as it clings to her slender upper body. Oversized looking cargo pants, the same deep black color are held up by a wide black belt. Scuffed combat boots, and a well worn holster, both in dark leather her outfit's only adornments

Bengalo Draba

Not a day waiting on Persephone Jo managed to find herself in the Employ of the Bengalo Draba, and only a day or two later in a debate on the rights and wrongs of pirates and the alliance with her captain. For whatever reason, they’re keeping her on the ship, and now Jo spends most of her time not putting her toe out of line, or foot in mouth… whichever.