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Jisae Cherevin
Full name Jisae Cherevin
Date of Birth May 22, 2512
Parents Mother – Gaelle Cherevin

Father – Trente Cherevin
Raised by Aunt – Natalie Beauchamp

Children Madeline Lines Cherevin
Assignment Pilot Jia
Gender Female


Jisae has rich dark chocolate long curly hair that falls way past her shoulders. Long dark lashes frame her striking violet eyes. She has a pearl shaped face with elegantly curved eyebrows, a slightly turned down nose, and wide full lips. She has a graceful swan neck and stands at a height of 5 foot nine. She has a lithe yet curvy hour glass figure. Slender digits are well cared for, clean and devoid of markings as are her face.

Jisae tends to wear comfortable clothes, which can be a pair of jeans or a flowing gown. Jeans tend to be what she usually wears, especially when piloting a ship. Piloting a ship is far easier when one does not have a skirt obscuring any buttons or switches that may be at the bottom. She wears comfortable black boots almost always unless she is attending some formal event. Jisae pulls her hair back when she works, but when she is out of the cock pit, it always runs free on her shoulders. She takes good care of her hair and skin and it shows in her attention to hygene. Some say she smells of vanilla or strawberries.


Jisae has a friendly demeanor, but she has a serious side too. She is a very social person and loves to learn more about other people. She especially likes learning about those of different worlds and cultures than her own. She shares some things, but she holds back some parts of herself. She can be very loyal to those that are close to her, and she takes her responsibilities seriously. She manages her time well and works hard.


She was born on Bernadette.... want to know more? Ask her.


"The desire to reach for the sky runs deep in our human psyche." -Cesar Pelli

"No one can realize how substantial the air is, until he feels its supporting power beneath him. It inspires confidence at once." — Otto Lilienthal, German inventor of the first successful glider, 1893.

"When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return." — Leonardo Da Vinci

Theme Song

"22" Taylor Swift