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This is OOC Information.

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Full name
  • Jing-Wei Halloran
Date of Birth
  • November 21, 2505
  • Father: Peter Halloran
  • Mother: unknown


  • Unwed
  • None
  • Arctic Raider II
  • Engineer
  • Female
Eyes and Hair
  • Hazel Eyes
  • Reddish brown hair
Height and Weight
  • 5'6"
  • Depends on whether or not Frost has killed the good cook
  • Active
Education Information
  • Home Schooled
Military Service
Employment History
  • Pirate Commonwealth
Personal Notes



The reddish tint in the young woman’s light brown hair is only visible in the right light. For the most part you see an ordinary woman of average height an build with the short cropped hair. There’s nothing remarkable about her features, her hazel eyes, or her clothing. Usually without make-up, her features are just short of being manly in the strength of her jawline, the prominent dimpled chin, and a nose that lacks delicacy. She usually wears a purple paisely lined hoodie and vest, the thickness of which depends on the weather. In winter, it’s a down vest, in summer, a light tan vest with plenty of pockets. Her pants and boots are sturdy and serviceable, and the only weapon visible is a knife strapped to her thigh.


Jing-Wei drinks, smokes, and swears like a pirate, because well, she is a pirate. She's been 'one of the guys' since the day she was picked up by the Arctic Raider when she was thirteen years old. She gives as good as she gets, and is just as aggressive as any of them.


Not much was known about Peter Halloran when he was taken on board as a mechanic for the Mingxing Jin, an independent cargo ship that made a fair profit. He never said anything about the mother of the young infant girl he brought with him, not even to her. As she grew it was obvious that he was her father, as they looked very much alike. Little Jing-Wei was her father’s shadow, spending hours in the engineering bay, watching him, and handing him the tools he asked for. As she progressed towards adolescence, she showed a very inquisitive nature, and would study any educational material her father could find for her. Often she’d debate what she’d read with her father as she passed him tools and watched him work.

In the summer of her twelfth year, the Mingxing Jin took on a new pilot. Tate Burke was a hot shot drifter that the young girl took a dislike to almost instantly. The man seemed to enjoy annoying her, but was unfailingly polite and correct to the rest of the crew, especially the Captain.
By the turn of the year, the Mingxing Jin was boarded in the middle of the night, with the Hei Huakuai being able to stealthily approach when Tate drugged the security detail on duty, and steered the two ships together.

When the intrusion alarm went up, Peter shut his daughter into their room, telling her not to come out until he came for her. With a pistol in hand, he slid into the corridor along with his other shipmates.
Jing-Wei paced the room, unable to see what was going on. She was unaware that the raiders found themselves being routed by the awakened crew and decided on a more drastic measure of securing the cargo in the hold. Setting charges behind them, they retreated to their own ship, and pulled away from the Mingxing Jin as the charges went off, blowing a hole in the hull. The result for the crew that had been chasing them was isntantaneous and lethal. In her room, Jing-Wei heard the hull breach alarm, and huddled under a blanket, praying that her father was secure in his engineering room.

What the crew of the Hei Huakuai didn’t realize was that their actions were being witnessed by a larger vessel, with a much more dangerous captain. Seeing the cargo ship disabled, and the raiding ship coming about to harvest the pickings, the Arctic Raider ambushed the Hei Hiakuai. The Hei Huakuai was a smaller ship that depended on stealth for success, and it’s crew had already been defeated once that night. It took almost no time for the crew of the Arctic Raider to dispatch of the traitor and his friends and claim the spoils for themselves, the very lucrative and legitimate cargo that Tate Burke had helped set up. During the clean up, one of the pirates, named William, brought back the only person found alive, a red-headed girl, to their captain, a tall man going by the name of Frost.
Learning that all the crew of the ship that had been her home ever since she could remember, and most importantly, that her father, were dead, did little to bolster the Jing-Wei’s courage in the face of a ruthless pirate captain, and she broke down in tears. After sending the others away, Captain Frost talked with the girl, found she had at least spent time in an engineering bay, and offered her a place on his ship and protection.
The surprised Jing-Wei accepted, and was escorted to her own room by none other than her ‘captor’, William, which started a long association between the two. Not only did she start learning how to follow in her father’s footsteps and be a mechanic from day one with the ship’s engineer, from William she learned concealment and use of knives, as the young man was quite talented with the shorter blades.
When later Frost needed to have errands run for him without his hand being known, he sent the girl out as she was able to move anonymously among the crowds, knowing that she had a fair chance of defending herself if things went awry. Enjoying her somewhat clandestine role, she even began to play at having different personalities, adopting another name at times. She also started keeping her eyes peeled and ears open for anything that might be of use to Frost. For a girl raised as an independent thinker in her early years by her father (who she has since put on a pedestal on her heart and mind), the Pirate’s mantra of freedom of choice appealed to her, and was an easy cause for her to dedicate her life to. Having Frost as a mentor in those formative teen years cemented her ideals that everyone should be free to make their own choices, and certainly free from the tyranny of the Alliance that only allows choice as long as it coincides with their choice.