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Jia logo.png
Captain Zank Lines
Class Osprey
Crew Capacity 18
Cargo Capacity 400 tons
Top Speed (1080)2160
Command Crew

Zank Lines - Captain/Owner
Faoite Jianagos McGuire - First Mate

Engineering Crew

Natasha - Tech/Pilot

Security Crew

Willow Merryweather - Security


Sanoh Nk - Deck Hand
Jisae Cherevin - Pilot

Military Service
  • no military service records
Ownership History

Zank Lines (Current)
Faoite Jianagos McGuire (Previous)



          This space ship is a class Osprey transport. The Jia looks to be in good shape, seeing as the class has been around for twenty years. From the wings aft, to the extended cockpit, the boat is a jigsaw puzzle of battleship grays, light and dark. It stands sixty feet in height and is two hundred eighty feet in length, and a wing span of one hundred fifty five feet. The primary hull is reinforced by twin dorsal spines that run the length of the craft. They extend far to the aft to form a pair of tail extensions with half wings reaching out on the very back of the extensions, one high and one low. Outboard of each dorsal spine are gimbals reaction thrusters mounted to extenders that are in turn connected to the hull amidships. The cockpit extends off the upper deck forward of the primary hull, and gives the cockpit a unique out and down array to view. The front of the nose has been buffed to give it a polished mirror finish. The main lower deck entry is main cargo bay and holds a small payload of four hundred tons and a full complement. There upper plates near the back of the primary hull will support a shuttle riding piggy back. Just behind the cockpit on either side, is a deep red Chinese symbol for home. ' "Jia" '

--Theme Song--


'Thrash Grass'

The Native Howl