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Full name Jezebel Suriah Zhou
Date of Birth October 19th, 2497
Parents Fahada (her mother) and Tau (her father) Zhou
Siblings None
Spouse Single
Assignment Sentry, Tienlong
Specialization Knife fighting
Gender Female
Status Inactive
Education Information

Home-schooled. High school.


Born Jezebel Suriah Zhou, Jez began life on Hera. Her mother was of Arabic descent and taught her the language. Her father's roots were from Africa on Earth-that-was and his skin was black as a starless night. Despite moving around a bit, her childhood was pleasant. Well, pleasant for her. She kept her parents running around so much and causing so much havoc that they decided one child was enough. Several years spent living on a ship gave her a love for space travel that never really passed. Her family settled down on Lilac when she was ten. When the war came, her father fought for the brown coats and as such, was away from home constantly. But when he was home, he devoted much of his days to his only child.

It is from he that she learned to fight. Jezebel's father wanted to teach his daughter something to give her discipline and focus and found it more appropriate for a girl to wield knives. They are easier to hide and draw less attention than a gun, as well as much harder to kill anybody with, least of all herself. (When her father was away, her mother taught her to use a rifle. Practicallity and all.) Though he wanted his little girl to learn discipline and protect herself, he never could have guessed that she would be drawn to violence and hire onto a ship to be part of its security.

The ship Jezebel hired onto was called the Shining Glory. While it may not have actually been very shiny, or glorious, it served her well. Captained by one Matthais Wilson, as fair as Jezebel is dark, they served together for over five years. Within that time they faced hardships, lost crew, hired new people, and ended up falling in love. The crew was like her second family, all the brothers and sisters that she never had.

Before Jez and Matthais could marry though, tragedy struck. While on an everyday stop on Persephone, an altercation broke out. The ship had to take off, and since Jezebel's errands were the furthest away, she is the one that could not make it back in time. A promise made to come back for her would never be full filled. The Alliance shot the Shining Glory out of the sky.

Crushed, Jezebel remained on Persephone, unwilling to board another ship and take to the sky once more. Three years went by while she picked up the pieces, learning to deal with the loss and slowly coping with the nightmares it brought.

After a little looking, Jezebel managed to find work with Tienlong as a Sentry. She has become fast friends with some of the crew, although her rough attitude makes it hard some days. Though not of the crew, she has become close friends with Shaardul Singhji. Though strained at times by their totally different backgrounds and personalities, she holds tight to that friendship. As far as the crew goes, with Dominic Granger especially, she has become tight. Enough so that when an old debtor came and beat the holy hell out of the man, Jez not only sat at his bedside until he woke up, but organized a hunt for his attacker. That did not go as well as planned, the end result being a bomb that left her unconscious, broken, and somewhat crispy.

Right now, she heals and waits, pacing about the Tienlong and eager for the chance to try again. Being on leave while she recovers has given her ample spare time. She has been back and forth from the ship, making friends with Elliot, Captain of the Ethereal Embrace, and visiting friends like Shaardul and Odell. The time is drawing nearer though for her to make another attempt and she looks forward to it eagerly.


Before you stands a rather tall woman. She comes just shy of six feet. Her skin is a rich, dark brown, nearly black. Her eyes are much the same, and in shadows the pupils get lost, making her eyes seem like huge empty pools. Underneath each eye are four gold spots. On closer inspection, they appear to be real gold. Angles and planes make up her face and the word 'striking' would best be used to describe the woman. Her hair is a myriad of thin braids, often pulled behind her head to keep them from falling into her eyes.

It is somewhat difficult to distinguish her body beneath the flowing robes she wears, though it is plain to see that the woman is slender. Loose and white, a stark contrast from her ebony skin, they wrap around her, falling just past her knees. The back, front and sides are split nearly to the hips to allow her ease of movement. A hood comes up to obscure her features somewhat when she is outside, though she removes it indoors. A wide red sash, followed over top by a not quite as wide brown belt holds the robe in place, and also allows for easy concealment of small weapons. Beneath her robe is a white tunic made of similar fabric, and a pair of loose brown pants. They tuck into soft soled boots of a similar brown color.

Distinguishing Marks

Her skin is covered in scars, old and thin. They are most heavily concentrated on her forearms.

On her left hip is a scar like a multi-rayed star from a bullet wound.

Most obvious are the gold spots, four under each eye.

Additional Pictures

A picture of Jezebel taken when she was younger. One of her crewmates basically kidnapped her and tied her down to gussy her up. Please note, this is as straight as her hair is ever likely to get. Jez2.jpg

Matthais Wilson

Captain Matthais.jpg


The gold spots represent eight rules to live and kill by.

Though she doesn't easily confess it, she is colorblind. She doesn't see green well at all and has trouble telling between different hues of red, yellow, orange, and green. It's one of the main reasons she tries to stick to black and white.

She likes her food spicy and has a fondness for chai tea. She also rarely consumes alcohol.

Jez has a small collection of old Earth-that-was coins. It's one of the few material possessions she keeps.