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Full name Jewel Angeline Shangrille
Date of Birth December 31, 2493
Parents Martin J. Shangalle and Marianna Angeline Mardieux Shangalle
Siblings An only Child
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Doctor, Hilton Corporation
Specialization Doctor
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Gray eyes, long mahogany waves to her waist.
Height and Weight 5'7" (170.18 cm) 140lbs (63.5 kg's)
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • St. Mary of Our Grace Middle School. Medical University, Ariel, Internship at Greenleaf Tropical Reserve.
Military Service
  • No military service.
Employment History
Personal Notes

Character picture magic by Arkady


Born on Londinum, she had a great childhood. With her active mind, she was forever getting into new and exciting things. Her parents tried to shield her from all the ugliness out there, which resulted in her growing up a tad niave about the great big 'Verse. She did quite well in school, and with her photographic memory, studying came easy to her. But she lost interest quickly though if any certain topic wasn't in her mind a challange. Raised in a French house hold, both her parents spoke it and English fluently. She learned to cook as a child, and loves to create beautiful dishes. She had quite a few friendships in her youth, and values those that come into her life and she considers herself close with. Needing something to keep her attention, she was able to talk her parents into getting her animals. At their home, her father had a barn built, and she had two horses a handfull of sheep and goats, some pigs, two cows, five dogs, three cats and two ferrets. And she took care of them all. She went off to university a year early, having completed all her middle school with high marks.

  • [A Pivitol Point...]

The first accident she witnessed. Her neighbor was a farmer. He and his wife had a dozen or so local men working for them. It was a large farm. Jewel was over visiting, and she was about 14. It was that summer. He wanted her to see a new colt that had been born. While there, a farm hand had an accident on the tractor, and it tipped over, pinning him underneath. Her quick thinking, and and cool disposition allowed them to get the man free. She managed to treat him there with what the farmer had on hand, and because of her cool head, she managed to save the man's leg. Her neighbor was so pleased, he gave her the colt as a thank you, which officially started her love of horses, as well as made her get seriously into learning all she could about medicine, knowing she could do it, and get enjoyment from saving others.

  • [Make up your mind Jewel!]

Well, because of her lack of attention span, and getting bored easily, once she reached university, she bounced between medical school, and regular university so much her parents became furious. Every time she would change her mind, and pick something new, she had to start from scratch, which costed them lots of money. Finally, they gave her a stern warning, and when she didn't listen and switched again, they took her out of school. Her father gave her a small trust, and stated that she should travel the 'Verse for a solid year, and make up her mind as to her career. At the end of that year, she can come back home and continue her schooling. And so she did. Got jobs and traveled, and finally decided to go back and finish. And that she did. And now she is in her parents good graces once more.

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