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Full name Jessi
Date of Birth December 5, 2505
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Assignment Crazy Girl - Bonaventure
Gender Female
Status Inactive
Education Information


Employment History
  • Keeping the Bonaventure crew safe and entertained


The woman before you is rather attractive, though there is an air about her that is somewhat offputting. She stands at a bit over five and a half feet in height and appears to be a bit underweight, probably no more than 115lbs. Her hair is a dark chocolate brown and flows down to just below her shoulders, usually allowed to simply hang free. Her features are soft, but she always seems to have either a wry grin on her face or a worried look. Her dark brown eyes seem to continually dart around, trying to take everything in at once. Her body is thin and lithe though possessing of gentle curves, the body of a dancer some might say. The only thing offputting about her appearance are the small scars that can be seen on her arms in some places, reminicent of deep cuts, possibly from fights. Currently Jessi is wearing rather tight fitting outfit. Her top is a tight navy blue babydoll tee, a white outline of a kitty head printed across, the front and baring a few inches of the girl' abdomen. On her lower half she wears a pair of form fitting and flattering black jeans, the denim having plenty of stretch to allow all kinds of movement while hugging curves. A white leather belt with eyelets arranged in two rows cinches against the girl's hips while a pair of white canvas hi-top sneakers keep her feet warm and safe.

Background - Pre-PC

Jessi's background is largely unknown as she has never readily revealed much of her background to anyone.

Background - PC

Jessi was discovered on Persephone by one Reese, at the time a member of the Bonaventure crew. After a while of attempting to diagnose Jessi, Reese managed to bring her into the Bonaventure crew where she has since been somewhat of a mascot and in general crazy person. She has become intensely loyal to the member of the crew, whom she has begun to view as her family, and has on at least one occasion killed a man (NPC) that was attempting to harm one of the crew members. She also has a growing collection of furry friends that she has collected since joining the Bonaventure.