Jessa Clairmont

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Full name Jessaphine Temperance Clairmont
Date of Birth August 15, 2501
Parents Hayden Joseph Clairmont (deceased) and Ekaterina Fadeyev (unknown)
Siblings none known
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Pilot on Devil's Corsair, Arctic Raider
Specialization Piloting, computers, demolitions
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Cobalt-Blue eyes, Long dark brown curls.
Height and Weight 5'9", 120lbs
Status Deceased


Born vessel-side in orbit around Persephone the young girl has known nothing but a life on boat. Her father at her birth was nothing more then a two bit captain of another man’s ship. Though his beginnings were far grander as the son of a noble family who left home young to find a life of adventure and quickly was shunned from his upstanding society. Working in the legal salvage business, her father dragged her from one rock to the next chasing the contracts handed out by the alliance. Her mother a dancer from the core world of Sihnon, was never part of the young girl’s life. Leaving her two year old daughter and husband after an extensive stay on Athens with one of her father’s crewman. This left her with no real female guidance and she had only her father and his men to look to.

Growing older, her natural aptitude for flight and machine made her an invaluable asset to her father, before they knew it he’d bought his own ship and branched out on his own. When she was 13 her father took on a business partner, thinking it would set them for life and allow him to finally take her somewhere to settle down. For the next six years the plan worked, her father expanded his operations to include a fleet of 5 ships raking in the contracts like falling leaves in autumn.

Four months past her 20th birthday her world was turned upside down. It happened to play out her father’s partner was less then legal, in dealings and background and he turned on her father having him killed and poor Jessa was quite literally stabbed in the back by her own crew and tossed to the wind with only the coin in her pocket and clothes on her back. Now scarred, jaded, and bitter she’s off in the verse running with the notorious pirates of Admiral Frost.


Her slender athletic form rich with subtle feminine curves despite her lithe appearance stands at approximately five feet nine inches. Thick dark chestnut brown curls tumble loosely about the girl's small oval face, the soft tresses ending just below her backside. Large almond shaped eyes dominate her features, the cobalt-blue orbs flecked with soft hues of silver and paler blue look. Long dark lashes frame her large eyes the natural curl sweeping up towards neatly shaped brow. A slender nose ivory complexion and petite and full lips give her an innocent look. A gracefully long neck only adds to her soft appearance as it slopes down to meet with her slender shoulders.

A light grey tank top, made of a ribbed cotton is a break from her usual black garb, the shirt looking rather worn with a decent sized hole in the right side in the formed fabric as it clings to her slender upper body. A silver scar sits in the curve of her left shoulder and lower on that same arm, a long black glove sans fingers that ends just above her elbow. Oversized looking cargo pants, the same deep black color are held up by a wide black belt. The entirety of the left pant leg has been cut off leaving only fabric to her mid thigh. Just visible on the exposed leg two rather lovely looking scars the silver flesh long healed over. On the back left pocket a purple skull patch has been sewn over a small hole. Scuffed combat boots one with a bright purple lace, the other with what looks like half a white lace tied to half an orange one enclose her small feet, the effect of her overall outfit giving a ragged beat up feel.