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Jayni 1.jpg
Full name Jayni Melissa O'Hare
Assignment Pilot, New Tortuga
Specialization Piloting, weapons
Gender Female
Status Inactive
Employment History


Jayni was born to two 'loving' parents on the beautiful planet of Three Hills. Her parents weren't the huggy, touchy, lovey sort, instead they were the blood thisty, people eating angry sort. Jayni remained with them until the ripe age of thirteen when she ran, hoping to save herself from her turn in the pot due to her fathers mistake of bartering her off to another family to pay a debt he had inccured. She then went straight to Persephone, hiding out on one of the unlucky ships that had decided to trade cargo. Once on 'Seph, she began doing whatever she could to get by. Anything from begging, to borrowing to killing people she thought wouldn't be missed and trying to take over their lives. She is and has always been a very unsavory human being, if one dares even call her that.

After many years on the street, doing everything from piloting for ships to selling illegal drugs and stripping, she decided it was time for her to move out. She contacted Admiral Frost and shortly there after joined his ranks as a pilot. Now she waits for the king to tell her what it is she needs to be doing and anyone who talks to her knows, she will tell them, she is living her lifes dream as a pirate!