Jason Makawe

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Jason "Mak" Makawe
Full name Jason Arnold Makawe
Date of Birth 5 January 2491
Parents When Makawe (mother, deceased)
father unknown
Siblings Joe Makawe (deceased), Ruby Makawe
Spouse Unwed
Children God, let's hope not.
Assignment Jia
Specialization Security
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Brown, Brown
Height and Weight 6'1"/225
Status Inactive
Education Information


Military Service


Employment History

Security, Jia

Personal Notes


Short Physical Description

Closely cropped light brown hair highlights a steadily receeding hairline and and a face which is young, but aged with lines of work and exposure to the rawness of live on the rim. He sports a shortly trimmed goatee and a full tattoo running the running the length of his left arm. Standing over 6 foot, 200 and some pounds, this man is tall and strong, although more brute muscle than refined athleticism. Rough hands and short, sometimes dirty fingernails give hint that he works for living.

Pre-IC Background

Although Jason Makawe does not know where he was born, a detail possibly lost with the death of his mother, he grew up and lived on Beylix until his mid-20s. He was raised in a small nomadic family with one older brother (Joe), an older sister (Ruby), and his mother (When). Jason never knew his father, just as Joe and Ruby had not known theirs. It was commonly accepted, although never discussed, that each of the children was probably sired by different men given their vast range of looks and the fact that no man stayed around the house for long. They moved around a lot primarily because of When's inability to provide for her family, having been raised in absolute poverty and having no real education or skills herself. When's only ability to raise money was through whoring. The children contributed to the cost of housing or food expenses where they could by stealing scrap metal from the salvage yards-- a very dangerous practice because the scrap yards are usually well protected and thieves are dealt with severely. In fact, ist was this very practice that cost his brother's life. It was a lesson not soon forgotten, its scars live on in memory and in flesh. Many years later, When passed of a natural death when Jason was in his young 20s. Ruby had already gone off on a life of her own and this left Jason with no one. He worked a few odd jobs around Beylix but reliable consistent jobs are hard to come by and so he ended up floating around on a few cargo ship where he made next to nothing but picked up a little about life and guns.

Post-IC Background

Please ask the player before using any of this information as some of it is not common knowledge.

During his short stint on the Night Hawk, Makawe was a gun hand and participated in the "liberation of funds" from a Newhall bank, a job that nearly cost him his life as he was locked in the airtight vault. He also worked against bow and arrow-wielding psychic midgets on Whittier in order to save crew members. It was on this trip that Mak first met Vivian Youngblood.

He left the Night Hawk shortly after the Whittier incident to pursue a more steady income with the Fisque Law Group. He rose from an investigator-in-training to the second in charge of the investigations divisions before the owner of the group came up missing and the business was forced to shut down. In the meantime, he developed a relationship with Valimai Johanneson, a Londinium noble with ties to the Law Group, who used him as a private bodyguard. After the Law Group shut down, he moved to the Johanneson estate to become its full-time security. During his time at the Law Group and working for the Johannesons, he saw on Vivian on and off.

Sometime in early 2524, Makawe decided to end the job with Johanneson and left unannounced, taking from her a box of lavish jewelry and one of the security dogs for his own final "payment". He was able to hawk the jewels though the deal went unexpectedly sour after the exchange when the fencer realized that most of the merchandise was nothing more than high-end costume jewelry.

A few weeks later, he joined the crew of the Jia as a security assistant. Around the same time, media reporters frenzy about the gruesome murder of Valimai Johanneson in her home and suddenly everyone is looking for Jason Makawe. Except Makawe doesn't want to be found.

In a unplanned turn of events, Mak and Vivian are engaged to be married though no details have yet to resolved and neither seem in any hurry to legitimize their relationship.


Security assistant for the Jia.

Past Employment

Private security for House Johanneson.

Investigator/Security for Fisque Law Group and LRS Lakota.

Gunhand on the Night Hawk.


Makawe's personality can be brash. He's not very tactful in how he deals with other people, preferring to tell it how it is (or rather how he sees it). He is spontaneous, slightly introverted, borderline neurotic (tendency to experience unpleasant emotions such as anger and anxiety easily). He is suspicious of others and tends to be antagonistic in day-to-day dealings. He's not someone who likes to be the center of attention, prefering to blend in to the background and focus on doing a job.

All this tends to manifest itself in a perception of Mak being rude, harsh, and a loner.

Distinguishing Marks

Makawe's most distinguishing feature is the tribal-style tiger stripe tattoo that runs the length of his left arm, from his neck to his wrist.

He has an old branding on left left buttock. Ifn yer lucky enough to ever see it, you might notice it looks like the logo of the huge Beylix conglomerate, United Reclamation.



  • Protanopia (Color Blindness) (Undiagnosed) - The brightness of reds, oranges, and yellows, is much reduced compared to normal. Reds can be confused with black or dark grey shades. He has never been aware of the problem, apparently learning to compensate to distinguish reds from yellow and greens based on shade and lightness instead of hue. Violet, lavender, and purple colors are virtually indistinguishable from various shades of blue because the reddish component is not visible. Makawe's visual color spectrum: Protanope.gif
  • Minor Brain Injuries - Makawe's past has probably been littered by multiple instances of untreated and rarely diagnosed concussions, probably as a result of fights, explosions, or just being knocked around. Most of the symptoms of such injuries are manifested as such things that are likely just attributed to personality quirks-- confusion, difficulty focusing, rapid violent mood swings, etc.