Jason Bishop

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Jason Bishop (Drawn by Ashlyn)
Full name Jason Chase Bishop
Parents Ferdinand and Mary Lou Bishop
Siblings None
Assignment Couch Guy, Chaos Theory
Specialization Pilot/Bartender/Odd Jobs/Lawyer?
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue eyes and black/purple hair
Height and Weight 5'11", 190lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • Secondary School Equivalent/Law School, University of Ariel
Employment History

Jason Bishop hangs around on the Chaos Theory doing absolutely as little as possible.



Pre-PC History

Everyone starts someplace, right? Well I started out on a run o' the mill shippin' ship. Heh, shippin' ship. Say that a few dozen times right quick and then giggle. Anyways, I was born to ma and pa Bishop. And everyone just ended up callin' me Bishop. By time I could walk around the ship I was up on the bridge in pa's lap learnin'. Flyin' was in my blood it's what I was I was told a might reckon several times by everyone.

When I was two weeks old or so, another wee one was born, Mira. She be the daughter of the Engineer and well, as we grew up Mira and I were like together all the times. Everyone knew it was meant to be. The sorta destined type love like thing I s'pose. Life be good bout these times. I grew up with some learnin' though not a whole lot. Most of my learnin' came from passengers who we would transport. Sometimes teacher folk, sometimes just other professionals. I did my learnin' with them. One such that I really got akin with was a lawyer type who just seemed so well verbosed in speakin' and knowin' how to get out of stuff. Told me that the truth itself is always more convinci'n than any lie, just gotta make sure it's the right truth you be tellin'. Never much understood that.

I flew as I got older, bout sixteen or so I started doin' it regular like and got pretty good, a natural sorts to it. Mira was workin' in the Engineerin' and we had started talkin' bout the future. We decided to get married a year later and although ain' no real officialness to it, it was what we decided but opted to wait on the intimacy until we could get it made real on a planet by a religious sort. Everyone was very happy about what happened.

It was on Perseph it all came to a collapse really. I went out, came back to the ship while everyone was off shopping. Mira was supposed to be gettin' ready for a picnic and well, she weren't. She was with some folks. Doin' some things that...

No one believed me. Not even my own ma and pa believed me and tossed me out right off the ship for tellin' the truth. I understood then, tell the truth but make sure it's the right truth. It was so outrageous the real truth, that no one could believe it. A lesser truth might have been believed. So here I was, stuck out on the dirt with nothing. No job, little money, not even really clothes so I took the first job I could find servin' drinks at a local dive. Started learni'n the bartendin' then. Thought back over my life.

You get a lot of time to think over life when you're miserable. Mistakes, blames, things like that all come rushing back. Well I thought about the only things that made sense to me. Workin' the bar made sense. It was easy, people ask, I serve. Flying made sense. It made my heart beat. The last was law. That lawyer man had really struck a nerve and so I thought maybe, just maybe... I could try that. So I took some tests, passed, and enrolled after getting transport to Ariel.

I did my best at it but turns out law schoolin' costs quite a bit of funds. Way more than I had so I had to quit doin' that. Took a job tendin' the bars again and then made my way back to Persephone. I was now 27 years of age, havin' been off a ship for 10 years and just wandering through life. That be about to change.

PC History