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Full name Janus Leonard Liang
Date of Birth July 20, 2496
Parents Tom and Jennifer Liang
Siblings None
Spouse None
Assignment Operations Officer, Redemption
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Green
Height and Weight 5'9"/170 pounds
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • Independent Faction Flight Academy
Military Service
  • 2506-2518: Independent Faction


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Janus is 5'9", but is sometimes mistaken to be taller due to his lean body. Short dark brown hair sits atop his head in a calculated "just got out of bed" mess, and rough stubble of a lighter color usually accompanies it to frame his face. His body is toned, giving him the look of agility and precision against bulk and strength. A simple green tattoo that runs down the right side of his neck is his most distinguishing feature. While his visage is usually guarded and cautious, his eyes shine with observation and humor.

He wears a simple now-faded green collared shirt over a pair of dark boot-cut jeans which have obviously seen better days. The brown loafers on his feet are worn in and comfortable-looking, but the blazer that tops everything off is crinkled like he's slept in it for a few nights. If all his clothes were fresh, he could pass for fashionable - and he probably did, when all this was new. The wanderer look is finished off by a big heavy-looking bag slung over his shoulder.

Distinguishing Marks & Features

  • A green tattoo etched vertically on the right side of his neck which reads, "Suffer In Silence" in Mandarin, the motto of the Independent Faction's 23rd Defiant Overland Brigade.
  • A hint of another tattoo can be seen on his upper right bicep whenever he's wearing short sleeves.

Employment History

  • Operations Officer, Redeption (Jan 2526-Present).
  • Helmsman, Redemption (May 2524-Jan 2526).
  • Squadron Leader: Pilot, Independent Fleet Carrier Radiant.
  • Corporal: Flight Engineer, 23rd Defiant Overland Brigade (2506-2507).

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