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Jansen or Jan
Full name Jansen Vincent
Date of Birth 12/3/2487
Parents Jon and Yuki Vincent
Siblings Unknown
Spouse Unmarried
Specialization Security
Gender Male
Status Dead
Education Information

Londinium, University, MA in Music and Performance

Military Service

War Vet, 10th Assault Regiment, Alliance

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Born on Londinium, to Jon and Yuki Vincent. on December 3rd, 2487. His childhood was pretty much normal for a middle class family. He graduated from Secondary school with good marks and went on to University to study music. His childhood sweetheart, Eriko Taguichi, agreed to marry him about that time. However her parents sent her away before they could get married. Jansen suspected it was to prevent her from marrying him, a mixed breed. When the war started he joined up, fully believing the rightness of the Alliance. It seems he had a natural talent for weapons and tactics and quickly rose through the ranks to the rank of Regimental Sergeant Major in the 10th Assault Regiment. It was toward the end of the war when he recieved word from Eriko's parents that the place she had been living had been cut off and they hadn't heard from her in many weeks. He was able to take leave and hopped a transport to the place where Eriko had been living, there he found what the Alliance had done to the small town of Browncoats.