Jane Wilson

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This is IC information.
This information is displayed publicly on the cortex, and may be used ICly.
Jane Wilson.jpg
Full name Jane Wilson
Date of Birth March 11, 2502
Birthplace Athens
Parents John & Lisa Wilson
Siblings None
Eyes and Hair Green & Blonde
Height and Weight 5'7" & 130 lbs


There are a few pictures of Jane on the Cortex, though she is basically a nobody so you'd have to dig.

A fairly nondescript 20-something woman, Jane stands about 5'7" with a slender frame and lean musculature. Her skin is fair, without much in the way of a tan. Maybe more of an indoor girl. Her long blonde hair is usually worn loose in long textured layers, softening a somewhat square face that, with its sharp lines, tends toward the severe in her more serious moments. Her nose is narrow and straight; likewise narrow green eyes are set beneath gently arched brows, fringed with dark lashes and usually outlined with subtly applied liner.


Jane was born on Athens in 2502. The first official record bearing her name is a refugee registry from around 2509, hers being one of the many families displaced on Athens during the Unification War. Afterward, her family seemed to move around a lot. She attended schools on Whitefall, Alexandria and Boros, where she graduated at 18. Since then, records of her are sporadic and scattered across the Verse. She's known to have flown with an Osprey-class transport ("Mandrake") off and on between 2526 and 2528. Due to a government contract they were required to publish their crew and passenger roster. She was listed as a passenger each time.

If you want to do more digging, page or @mail Jane.


Jane's employment records are patchy, but she pops up listed as a 'Security Consultant' or 'Security Analyst' a few times in a variety of locales since about 2523.