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Full name Jeanne Pucell
Date of Birth Unknown, Orphan
Parents Unknown, Orphan
Siblings Unknown, Orphan
Spouse None
Children None
Assignment She lives in a tree
Specialization Buddhism, Farming, Gardening
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blue eyes, blonde hair.
Height and Weight 5'1", 88lbs
Status Inactive

Personality and Demeanor

Jane is perceived as 'weird' by most who encounter her. She seems to care more for trees and fruits than for humans. Animals are loved on a case-by-case basis. Generally, she's happy, and she's always kind and gentle.


A slight girl, young-but-boyishly-feminine in appearance and form. Her head is nearly-shorn, though a quarter-inch of prickley blonde hair spoils the smoothness of skin over her crown and the back of her head. Thin, sharped eyebrows of the the same dark blonde color arch slightly over a pair of curious, bright sky-blue eyes. This woman's face is made memorable by its fine, chiseled features. The angle of her jaw is severe; the downturn of her pert nose sharp. Her teeth, well-cared for and flawlessly alabaster in appearance, reinforce that image. Her solitary misgiving is a thin scar, the tissue of a slightly lighter hue that runs the length of her neck on her left side. Her age is difficult to discern as she is no longer a girl, but not yet old in appearance: the skin of her face and exposed flesh is smooth and taut, yet her bone structure is fully mature. Her chest is semi-muscular, her breasts smallish in size, a result of her wiry, tomboyish frame. Her arms, too, are taut and sinewy, bare to her fingertips, which sport unpainted well-manicured quarter-inch nails. Her fingers and hands are fully operational, but with a near-permanent curl to them, due to a partly overdeveloped forearm musculature.

Her small form is covered in a simple cloak, made of rough-hewn fabric and simple rubber-soled lace-up canvas shoes visible when she walks, originally white, but water and dirt have stained them a tannish-color as of late.

Character Biography

Not much is known about Jane, save that she fled to an Abby on Persephone when the Monastary on Paquin was destroyed in a firely explosion. She didn't last long at the Abby, rather she's taken to living in a tree in Persephone Gardens.

Current Events

Hit Jade Cassidy Tycho in the face with an orange and didn't get shot.


Belly - "Feed the Tree"

Special Note

She's special, alright...