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Full name Jamethiel Taliesen
Date of Birth January 26th, 2495.
Parents Ewan & Alieran Taliesen
Siblings Liam and William Taliesen
Spouse none
Assignment Captain, Dark Embrace
Specialization Security
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Brown Eyes - Blonde Hair
Height and Weight 5'7", 120lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • Unknown
Military Service
  • Unknown

Quick Information

Jame's history isn't very well known. Most would know her parents died years ago, if they know her. Some would know she has two older brothers for whom she is searching for, to this day. Other than that, most of her history is known only by word of mouth. Previous to signing on with Black Wolf Enterprises, she did a few jobs working as a bodyguard for some overly indulged core brats. She also did some jobs working crew for some merchant and pirate ships, but most wouldn't know that in passing. She's not the type to be picked out in a crowd and managed to keep herself from notice through most of her history as a matter of course. Good wallpaper.

She signed on as a security officer for the Dark Embrace, and soon became the Captain of that illustrious ship. No close relationships, though has made some good friends on board the crew. Other than that, she is hardworking, fair, honest and kind to those she considers friends. She is aloof and a bit dry-witted as a matter of course. Some would think her bloodthirsty, but she considers her actions very carefully, and is only the way she is due to the experiences she's had in her life.