James Spencer-Churchill, 33rd Duke of Marlborough

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Full name James Spencer-Churchill
Date of Birth December 2nd 2469
Spouse Duchess of Marlborough
Children None
Assignment Member of Alliance government and Brigadier commanding 63rd Federals
Gender Male
Height and Weight 5'10"/210lbs
Status NPC
Education Information

Military History - New Cambridge University, Londinium

Military Service

2491: Graduated Alliance Military Academy
2491 -> 2506: Promoted through ranks to Major
2506: Duke of Marlborough raises Duke's Own Blenheim Volunteers. James appointed colonel of the regiment.
2511: Serves at Serenity Valley. Attends staff officer school. Appointed Brigadier
2520: Takes command of 63rd Federals and 63rd Alliance Enforcement Fleet
2521: Promoted to full General after defeating General Callahan on Whitefall

Personal Notes

NPC played by Book

General James Spencer-Churchill, 33rd Duke of Marlborough is the officer in command of the 63rd Federals and the 63rd Alliance Enforcement Fleet.


Born as the Marquess of Blandford, a hereditary title passed to the first son of the Duke of Marlborough, James Spencer-Churchill knew from an early age he was destined for a military career, as so many of his illustrious fore fathers had served their various kings, queens and other leaders. His family's main holdings are on Londinium, where, as some of the first settlers they acquired over the years, due to wealth and trickery, land that is now occupied by some of the more prestigious habitats on Londinium, with the worth of the land put in the hundreds of millions if not billions of credits in modern Alliance currency. He attended Londinium's New Cambridge University from the ages of 18-21 before attending the Alliance military academy for a year, graduating at the rank of 2nd Lieutenant and quickly rising up the ranks thanks to family connections and the war, where he served as Colonel commanding the Duke's Own Blenheim Volunteers, an Alliance regiment raised on Londinium for the war effort by James's father in order to get James a regiment to command. As part of the 63rd Alliance Division, the Blenheim Volunteers served at Serenity Valley. Following the war, Marlborough was admitted into the Alliance staff officer training, becoming a Brigadier. Upon his father's death, he assumed the title 'Duke of Marlborough'.


As well as holding his military posting (as a brigadier with a brevet rank of commodore in the fleet so he can command the expedition.) he is a member of the Alliance parliament, though holds no ministerial post. He is a known political enemy of the Lord Hilton.


The ancestral home of the Dukes of Marlborough was recreated on Londinium after settlement, with the new Blenheim Palace being built under the direction of some of the best architects brought with them.


The Duke is married to Victoria Spencer-Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough and is also known to have taken mistresses in the past, as is normal among the nobility.

Recent Events

The Duke of Marlborough gave a speech in front of Parliament, revealing what he declared to be a betrayal of the Alliance by a Rim general, who traded glory for Frost's freedom.

Having revealed General Callahan to be a traitor to the Alliance, the 63rd defeats him in battle on Whitefall. Marlborough is promoted to full General.