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Full name Jamendithas
Assignment Lord Marshal, Pirate Commonwealth
Gender Male
Status Inactive



A beast of a man, this adonis towers a good few inches over six feet and has all the muscled bulk of a greek god. His skin, such a rich deep mocha, stretches over the man's powerfully built frame. His chest is broad, his back strong, and his shoulders massive. Even his appendages speak to a man who has made his living off being the biggest, fastest, roughest customer in town. Those arms are corded with muscle and lead to hands that are more like the heavy, powerful paws of a bear.

Contrasting sharply with the tone of his skin are perfectly smooth waves of bleached dirty blonde hair. They fall to his shoulders, moving as he moves, while bangs partially obscure a ruggedly classic face and cast his eyes into shadow. Those eyes are faintly exotic in their almondine slant, their colour somewhere between the darkness of a blueberry and the brilliance of an aquamarine. They can be colder than ice, as hard as stone, and then in an instant shift to spark with mirth at the slightest provocation. His is a face of many emotions, many thoughts.

Plain white t-shirt hugs the heavy layers of muscle of his chest and broad shoulders and is tucked into pants of urban camouflage with subtle hints of body armour seen in a fold of a sleeve or the tuck of the pants. The pants of varying shades of grey, black, and white with a heavy leather belt covered in multi-layered pouches pockets and pouches attached by all-purpose webbing; a modular belt. A set of tactical drop holsters resting on each thigh, a heavy pistol in one and a sawed off shotgun in the other. The pant legs are tucked into the tops of his calf-high boots that have a rugged treads, all-purpose. While a heavy leather duster drapes over his heavy frame, shadowing what else might be on his person, only seen by the vague bugle here and there. Leather gloves adorn his hands with a leather fedora resting on his head completes his attire.

Distinguishing Marks