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Full name Jake James Piller
Date of Birth June 11, 2502
Parents Father is Gene Piller, Mother is Lilly Piller
Siblings Older Brother Kyle Piller, Younger Sister Denise Piller, Younger Brother T.J.Piller
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Security for the Bonaventure (Probationary)
Specialization Firearms
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Hazel eyes and Dark Brown hair
Height and Weight 6'3" and 175lbs
Status Active
Education Information


Military Service


Employment History

Brief Background

A new face on the tradeways and space routes, Jake is a wannabe gunfighter and problem solver. He's on probation with the Bonaventure, seeing if the fit is a good one. He has high hopes that it will be.

Employment History

Vague although it is rumored he did time riding in an actual western-style outlaw Gang or two on Jiangyin and served on a couple of smuggler ships before losing his ride and getting stranded on Persephone a few weeks ago.

Meretrix Industries
  • In January of 2027 Jake became a probationary member on board the Bonaventure as a security personnel