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Full name Heather Ann Jacy
Date of Birth 31/08/2508
Birthplace Londinium
Parents Margaret and Peter
Siblings Ronald
Spouse Daisy Morris
Assignment Alliance Navy
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Brown hair, blue eyes
Height and Weight 5'8", 130 lbs
Status Active
Education Information

Military Academy on Boros

Military Service

Lieutenant Commander, ABS Destiny


A woman around thirty years of age. Light brown hair is pulled back into a severe bun. Deep blue eyes under delicately arched brows are set evenly astride a snub nose, all over a full mouth that often has a half-smile gracing her lips - and the eyes are framed in delicate wire-rimmed oval spectacles, a throwback to a distant time before contact lenses. Her skin on her cheeks and neck is smooth and flawless, holding a healthy glow - flawless, that is, save for a razor-thin scar just half an inch long on her right cheek, barely noticeable save in the right light. She's tall for a woman, with an athletic body, wide hips, and sturdy legs; of note are a few callouses on the inside of her right fore- and middle-fingers. On the ring finger of her right hand is a heavy class ring; those that know will recognise it as being from the Military Academy on Boros. Around her neck on a chain is a ring, a little enameled daisy on a simple gold band. Most of the time it's hidden under her clothes, but occasionally a glimpse of it can be seen.


It's fair to say that Jacy's personality is complex and verging on the unstable. Deeply insecure, borderline psychotic, determinedly driven to achieve whatever goals she has set herself, extremely possessive. They could all describe facets of her mind.


Aug 2508 Heather Jacy born on Londinium.
Mar 2523 Peter Jacy dies of sudden heart failure. Given a full military burial in space.
Aug 2526 Heather Jacy applies to, and is awarded a place at, the Military Academy on Boros.
Apr 2530 Heather Jacy graduates 379th of 952 cadets, after having survived four years at the brutal Academy. Her father would have been proud.
Apr 2530 Heather Jacy joins the DAS, out of Londinium, and is appointed Constable.
May 2530 Goes on her first mission, undercover. It all goes pear-shaped, and she is shot in the shoulder and stomach, but makes it out alive.
Sep 2530 Takes the lead in the investigation into the events surrounding the disappearance/kidnapping of Kallahan Shamaria.
Oct 2530 Arrests the 'Trashman', aka Nicholas Wong, on the initial charges of handling stolen property - the Each Uisge.
Nov 2530 Travels undercover to Freehold Station on a secret mission.
Apr 2531 Works on the Dasari case. Initially arrests Cameron Dasari, then releases him without charge after finding the real killer.
May 2531 Joins the Alliance Navy as a Lieutenant JG. Is appointed Chief of Security of the IAV Temperance.
Jun 2531 Involved in the Apex Building hostage situation on Persephone after the shooting of Admiral Thompson.
Aug 2531 Giving testimony to Parliament when terrorists attack the Parliament building in Londinium. Returns fire, killing several suspects.
Sep 2531 Leads a detachment assisting with the rescue of the Speaker's children from a fortified dwelling on Paquin. Kills several of the hostage-takers personally and in cold blood - one is killed as she attempts to surrender.
Feb 2532 Is seriously injured in a takedown of some drug dealers in a brothel on Yinyang, when a drug dealer hits her in the head while trying to escape. Only prompt action by Dr Chloe Jameson and on-scene medics saves her.
Mar 2532 Recovered and returning to active duty, she is sent to the junk yards on Boros to support a DAS operation. She arrives in time to see her boyfriend, Daniel Sabo, being kidnapped by pirates. She is not happy. Daniel is later returned mostly unharmed. She is still not happy. The IAV Temperance is posted to Whittier to assist in the salvage of the Aces and Eights. The ship is successfully lifted to the spaceport for repairs. A camera crew completes a drama-documentary on the Alliance operation called "When Bad Happens".
Apr 2532 Meets Teanna Mirae for the first time onboard the Temperance, and instantly takes a dislike to her, although it's not clear why. Has a clandestine meeting with Mia Daniels on Osiris, that results in her storming out in a foul temper. Can no-one please her?
May 2532 Actually, yes. She meets with Anya Ozera on Persephone to discuss the Daniel Sabo situation, and whatever is said is evidently resolved to Heather's satisfaction. Later, while walking with Daniel Sabo she encounters Mia Daniels being assaulted by muggers; in the ensuing high-jinks she is shot, but the Starke 'Velites' armor did its job and she escaped with only bruising and a cracked rib that responded well to med-bed treatment. Later, she's spotted talking to Daisy Morris in the Captain's Retreat on Persephone.
Jun 2532 Is involved with the Persephone bombing investigation under the lead, Sergeant Morris.
Nov 2532 Around this time, Jacy's relationship with Daniel Sabo begins to fall apart in earnest. The near-drowning experience on Newhall was just the start. It escalates to a series of explosive arguments and finally culminates in Daniel leaving her. She does not take this well. His love-notes from him to her mysteriously appear on a number of Alliance social Cortex boards.
May 2533 Reaverites attack Whitefall. The IAV Temperance is dispatched to Whitefall to repel Reaverite attacks and assist in relieving the 'blockade'.
Jun 2533 The battle of Whitefall. A Reaver cruiser, with uncontained reactors, accompanied by a number of smaller Reaver cargo ships, approaches Whitefall. Heather Jacy is officer of the watch, and launches the alert fighters. Captain K'mora arrives on the bridge but permits Lt Jacy to continue issuing orders regarding the fighters. The cruiser is disabled and then destroyed, and the remaining Reavers and Reaverites flee. The battle is not without cost, however, with many fighters destroyed in the ship-to-ship combat, and dozens of crew are lost when a cargo ship rams the Temperance. The Temperance makes her way under power to the shipyards on Ares for repair, relieved by the IAV Mao Zedong, the IAV Zeus, and other elements of the 6th Fleet.
Late 2533 Reaverites put a bounty on Jacy's head for her part in the Battle of Whitefall. She approaches Salin Fawzy to deal with the threat in a coordinate way, but he rebuffs her. Undaunted, she sets up the Rim Military Coordination Center to handle the multitude of military and civilian ships operating on the Rim.
Also late 2533 Exchanges many waves with Daisy Morris.
Jan 2534 In an unexpected move, she takes over the IAV Avenger with a group of hand-picked men and women and mutinies, spacing those who refuse to join her. Declares her support for the Reaverites, invites other like-minded Navy types to join her mutiny, and asks the Reaverites to 'command her'. Her family is taken into protective custody, and she is vilified across the Cortex, including a savage personal attack by teen hearthrob Justin Wang.
Mar 2534 It is revealed that her supposed 'mutiny' was orchestrated by high command to flush out Reaverite sympathizers and those that would use the Reaverite insurrection to further their own political ends. She transmits the names of a number of Navy Reaverite operatives to high command, and they disappear from their posts in 'the night of the long knives'.
Mar 2534 Exchanges vows with Daisy Morris on the bridge of the Temperance, the two married by Captain Caroline K'mora.
Apr 2534 In recognition of her services to the Alliance, is promoted to full Lieutenant.
Apr 2535 In recognition of her services to the Alliance, is promoted to Lieutenant Commander. Her assignment is briefly to the IAV Maelstrom, before that ship is decommissioned and her entire crew are moved to the ABS Destiny under Captain Connie Saint.
Sep 2535 Her friend Rebecah Kamp is killed by the terrorist organization known as 'Legion'. She throws herself into a bitter war of attrition against them. During this time the Bernadette Separatist Movement gains strength...
Oct 2535 Is critically injured by an unknown rebel separatist when her convoy was ambushed on Bernadette. Her life is saved by Dr Chloe Jameson (again).
Dec 2535 Takes part in the Cortex reality show, 'When Bad Happens', a special series focussing on the men and women of the ABS Destiny. Appears in the holiday special when she wears tinsel under the mistletoe.
Jan 2536 Captain Saint resigns for personal reasons, and Commander Charley Wong is appointed acting CO. Tension escalates between the Romany and the Alliance after Kyoshiro Mibu's gunboat diplomacy declaration; Admiral James Ward announces that all Romany ships are to be seized.
Feb 2536 War! Heather is caught on Paquin, and finds herself the target of a bounty issued by Rodney Kilbride for crimes against humanity, prompted by the leak that the prisoners apparently massacred during the mutiny two years previously had really been massacred, and that it was not CGI trickery. Counter-bounties are almost immediately issued by the Alliance and in a personal move by Charley Wong. The Battle of Eavesdown, also known as the Battle of Bleeding Hearts, happens. Heather Jacy's Command and Communications shuttle is shot down. She is almost killed, then carried off, by a big man dressed as a viking. Grievously injured, her life is saved for the third time by Dr Chloe Jameson. She is subsequently released and returns to the Destiny, along with Dr Jameson.
Apr 2536 Heather Jacy arrives on Deadwood as part of the official contingent attending the festivities, and is wrong-footed by McGuire's declaration of independence. They retreat, witnessing the taking of the Temperance, and manage to save several lifepods and the Eleanor Rosales' fighter squadron, destroying a Reaver ship on the way.


  • A native of Londinium, where her mother still lives.
  • Known to play a solid hand of poker
  • Is a real go-getter, known to get the job done - whatever it takes. The ends justify the means
  • Majored in Military Strategy, with a minor in Political Science, at the Boros Military Academy
  • Competed in the Academy Archery team
  • Military brat - father was a Major in the Alliance Navy
  • The rumor goes that her nickname is 'Lacy Jacy', although that (and its origin) can't be readily confirmed
  • Hoopball fan, supporting the Londinium Lions through thick and thin - usually thin
  • Rumored to once have dated DAS Constable Daniel Sabo, although the relationship ended acrimoniously.
  • Callsign is 'Danny-Boy'.



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