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Robert Jacobs
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Full name Robert Alfred Jacobs
Date of Birth January 3rd, 2491
Birthplace New Paris, Bernadette
Parents Albert Jacobs and Josephine Fournier
Siblings None
Spouse Unwed
Children None
Assignment Security Chief, Guan-Yin II
Specialization Valet, Preventative Security
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue/Black
Height and Weight 1.7 m/81 kg
Status Active
Education Information
  • Higher Diploma, Lorraine Academy (2498-2512)
  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Persephone (2530-2531)
Military Service
  • Enlisted into Alliance Military as a Private 2nd Class. (2512)
  • Candidate, Warrant Officer Candidate School, Alliance Military Academy (2513)
  • Trainee (Warrant Officer), Flight and Transport Training, Alliance Military Academy (2513-1514)
  • Transport Officer (Warrant Officer/Chief Warrant Officer), 233rd Federal Logistics Battalion (2514-2518)
  • Discharged honorably from the Alliance Military as a Chief Warrant Officer. (2518)
  • Decorations:
    • Mentioned in Despatches
    • Post-War Relief Campaign Medal
    • Wound Stripe
    • Distinguished Flying Cross
Employment History
  • Servant, Glencarry Lairdship (2518-2522)
  • Security Officer, Guan-Yin (2522)
  • Security Officer, Guan-Yin II
  • Security Chief, Guan-Yin II

Robert Alfred Jacobs (born January 3rd, 2491) is a precise, timely, well-spoken individual of some perceived amount of education, which is a chief influence in his mannerisms, style of speech, and wardrobe. Usually dressed as an upper-class professional, he plies his trade as a security man and often valet, serving aboard a well-known hospital ship. Generally supportive of the Alliance and proud of his military service, his content citizenship and passive nationalism can make him seem downright outspoken among the rebels, outlaws, and ruffians of the border and rim worlds.


Jacobs is a somewhat imposing looking Caucasian man in his mid to late thirties, who none the less at least attempts to have an air of class about him. His face is thin, or seems thin when compared to his otherwise stocky, classically mesomorphic frame. His blue eyes don't spend a lot of time wandering, and his attitude is generally no-nonsense. His brown hair is cut in a stylish, yet conservative manner, neatly parted on one side. He stands at about five feet, eleven inches tall, and looks relatively athletic, with little body fat.


The following history is written in the first person, from Robert Jacobs' point of view.


  • January 3rd, 2491: Born in New Paris, on Bernadette, to Albert Jacobs and Josephine Fournier.
  • September 12th, 2498: Admitted into Lorraine Academy's Under School
  • September 14th, 2504: Advanced into Lorraine Academy's Lower School.
  • December 5th, 2507: Advanced into Lorraine Academy's Upper School.
  • April 2nd, 2512: Albert Jacobs is diagnosed with a rare degenerative genetic disease.
  • May 21st, 2512: Graduated from Lorraine Academy with a Higher Diploma
  • August 23rd, 2512: Enlisted into the Alliance Military as a Private 2nd Class.
  • September 1st, 2512: Admitted into the Alliance Military Academy, Warrant Officer Candidate School as a Candidate.
  • January 5th, 2513: Promoted to Warrant Officer after completion of training. Assigned to specialized flight and transport training within the Academy.
  • January 2nd, 2514: Completed course of training. Transferred to 233rd Federal Logistics Battalion, as a Transport Officer.
  • June 12th, 2517: Promoted to Chief Warrant Officer
  • August 30th, 2518: Discharged honorably from the Alliance Military. Entered into a 5-year contract of service to the Laird of Glencarry.

The Early Years

"I'll start at the beginning. I was born on the third of January, 2491 in New Paris, Bernadette, in the medical center at the Blue Sun complex. My childhood was like any other middle-class youth on a Core world: generally carefree, and probably luxuriant to anyone who might have grown up on the border or rim planets. I was told that I was not a particularly sickly or troublingly bright child, and had a penchant for medieval fantasy. Dragons and knights, that sort of thing."

Lorraine Academy

"At the age of seven, my parents had me enrolled in the under school of Lorraine Academy. I assume you've heard of it. It's a rather prestigious preparatory school in New Paris, attended by all manner of important people's children. Its where I received my affectation for superfluous language. It was a boarding school, but I was a day pupil. My parent's didn't want to be rid of me, after all, and I lived close enough to the school I remember being excited my first day there. Everything was so new and nice, it was hard not to be. I didn't know then what the school was costing my parents, of course. I was seven years old, how was I supposed to know. I... was aware of some differences of economic class between myself and many of the other students. I had the same uniform as the rest of them, but many of them all had the newest versions of the popular pocket computers, bragged about the fastest Cortex access, and the like. After I graduated into the under school, my classmates started noticing too. The meaner ones would poke fun at my family's status, but my friends and I would make a point to avoid such people. We weren't always successful, and I got into a few scuffles in the school yard over some untoward things said about my parents. One child, who referred to himself as a Count (one of his family's lesser titles, apparently) even called for a duel when I responded to his shove with a fist. Luckily, the school authorities broke everything up before things became too serious, and his claim was dismissed on account of of him being 14 years old. I was almost expelled because of these, much to my parents' anger, and it was at this time that I learned what they had been sacrificing to keep me in that school. To the extend a fourteen year old could understand, anyway. Chastised, counselled, and otherwise warned, I took it upon myself to settle my problems with words, though I soon found that solving your problems with words was much easier if you put on a terrifying veneer and threatened, in a quiet voice, horrible, unspeakable things. The troublemakers were mostly avoiding me (as were quite a few students who didn't personally know me) by the time I entered the upper school. At this point, I had a healthy interest in a variety of electives (including one Ms. Joan Somner, who sat in front of me in philosophy in year 11. We dated until graduation, but lost touch after I enlisted). My wealthier friends and I would go flying about the planet on the weekends (my principal motive for receiving my shuttle operator's license), and by the end of year 12, I had mastered the French language. I spent three more years at the academy (as was required for the higher diploma that was issued. A bachelor's degree usually requires simply one more year of study, and most universities on Bernadette recognize this situation with special entrance programs to attract graduates. I mentioned it was prestigious, didn't I?), before learning that my father had been diagnosed, shortly before my graduation, with a degenerative genetic disease. I knew the state of my family's finances, and, in turn, knew that affording the gene therapy required would not be an easy task without help. They wanted me to go to University (any one would have had me), but now seeing the chance to help them, I decided against it, and enlisted into the Alliance military, seeing that as the quickest option to receive an enlistment bonus, as well as various loans."

Military Service

"Peddling the skills I had in shuttle piloting, I was trained as a warrant officer and assigned as an intra-planet pilot and transport officer in the 233rd Federal Logistics Battalion, transporting things on ground as well as small shuttles, to other areas of my particular posts. During my time in the military, I was involved in several skirmishes, mostly when moving material around the border worlds, which didn't have the light of civilization burning as brightly as the Core, apparently. It was after the war, so most of the work was transporting relief supplies under-guard, across what had been deemed dangerous areas. Most of these operations were conducted on Persephone... it seemed like the Alliance liked them a little better then the rest, but I could see why. They adapted to civilization better then most, after all. I'm just glad I missed the war. Those skirmishes were bad enough, I'd hate to think what a campaign might feel like. After my stint there, I found that I still hadn't made enough to pay off my parent's debt. My father had been cured already (once the treatments started, it was almost miraculous to see the results. The healing occurred so quickly...), but the debt, accompanied by his absence from the workforce for so long, was threatening to bury them."

Indentured to the Laird

"I sent my last money to them, before striking out on Persephone, looking for a job (my parents were extremely opposed to me spending another period of time with the military, and since I didn't think I'd make enough money in the short period of time we had by reenlisting, I respected their wishes.) Mid-way through my search, I came across the estate of one Laird Alistair McDonald in Glencarry, an area somewhat famous for its Scottish heritage. Upon expressing my plight and willingness to do most anything to obtain short of crime to obtain the funds I needed quickly, the Laird's son and heir to the estate, Charles McDonald must have seen an opportunity. Through some shrewd wording in a contract, I promised 5 years service as the driver at the estate in return for an advance of the exact amount of funds I required, room and board, and a small monthly stipend for incidentals. Such a deal was an extreme bit of good fortune for me, and for Charles and the estate as well, since the money I requested was substantially less then 5-years salary that would be garnered by a normal pilot. So... that's what I did for the most recent years of my life, though I ended up responsible for quite a bit more as I began to prove myself trustworthy. By the damn that damn useless blade was stolen, I had been acting almost primarily as a bodyguard as well as chauffeur, and had also taken to effecting moderate repairs on the estate's shuttles, as well as maintaining its security system, which could be called antiquated at best."

The Guan-Yin

"It was fortuitous that the Laird loaned myself and the resident huntress, Sparrow McIvers, to the Guan-Yin, and when my period of service was over with the Laird was over, the Guan-Yin had been a fantastic home and training ground for my new profession. I served for many years as a security man, more years then I've done anything else, it seemed sometimes, and it felt as if, with my leaping between positions of supervision and below, and back again, I reached the pinnacle of my station and potential. I threw myself into the profession, and my personal development, completing a program of undergraduate study through correspondence courses in University of Persephone, with a focus in the Classics. It wasn't particularly difficult, given my prior education and interests, and I felt a little more at peace with as my middle age approached. It was distressing that youthful ambition didn't fade I expected, but was simply dulled into unsatisfied resignation."