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Full name Jackson Rawls
Assignment Sentry, Tienlong
Gender All Male
Status Inactive


Not much is known of Jackson's history before he signed on with Tienlong Org. When Elric found him in Eavesdown, Jackson was wearing clothing that looked to be splitting at the seams, and he didn't appear to have eaten in a week. Despite this, he talks of having traveled the 'Verse on one crew or another.

Occasionally, the rough Rim accent will melt away and Jackson will speak in a fluid, educated, Core voice. Jackson has a fondness for guns, which fits his work, and this has helped him to spark a friendship with Leutrim Donnchadh of Winchester Repeating Arms Co.

Recently, in addition to his work aboard Tienlong, Jackson has taken a part-time job working security for Lord Winchester, under the supervision of his close friend Leutrim Donnchadh.


Jackson is tall and rangy, with sandy-blond hair that falls down the back of his neck. His skin is rather pale, hinting at a lot of time spent on ships, but his slender form packs a considerable amount of muscle as well. His eyes are the color of coffee, and contrast oddly with his blond hair. Long-fingered hands are scarred on their knuckles and callused hard across their palms. He stands at about six feet, and weighs somewhere in the vicinity of 190 pounds.


Distinguishing Marks

Jackson, Missing Person: We hope you return (Note on behalf of friends)