Jack Michaels

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Jack Michaels
Jack michaels.jpg
Full name Jack Michaels
Date of Birth 22 October 2480
Birthplace Hera
Parents Girard and Anita Michaels
Siblings None
Spouse Unwed
Children None
Assignment Pilot Guan-Yin II
Specialization Pilot
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue, Salt+Pepper
Height and Weight 6' 3", 210 lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information

High School

Military Service

Former Browncoat

Employment History

Guan-Yin II


Jack is the only son of Anita and Girard Michaels who live in a rural region on Hera. The Michaels were a quiet unassuming couple. Girard worked for the Winchester Repeating Arms Co as a gunsmith while Anita kept the home. The family lived a simple life and Jack grew up like all the other boys in the area, going to school and helping out at home. Girard was a doting father and spent much time teaching Jack how to use a pistol. After leaving school Jack decided to put that skill to use and joined the Browncoats.

The War and beyond

The Battle of Serenity Valley: The battle itself was bad enough, men beside him dying, men dying before him at his own hand, starving as supplies ran out. But it was what happened following the battle that still haunts his dreams at night. As a prisoner of war, he along with other ‘criminals’ were forced to dig many of the graves that now line the valley.

Once amnesty came he couldn’t get away from Hera fast enough and signed on to crew aboard a freighter. Eventually over the years as he traveled about the verse he learned to pilot capital ships as well as fight his way out of a bar.

The Man

Jack Michaels stands a head over average, in most respects anyway. He sports a head of clean but otherwise un-kept salt and pepper colored hair. His face is an edged oval ending at a strong chin, a soft, salt and pepper colored weeks growth follows the length of his jaw line. His nose may a little wide but that just adds to his character. His expressive eyes are slanted at an almost belligerent angle, a flashing cobalt blue that hold ones gaze just long enough to notice flecks of gold at the very edges. There also seems to be a ready smile upon his ruggedly handsome features. What he is smiling about one is never sure.

He often wears a denim button up shirt, the cuffs of which are tucked into leather cuffs worn tight about his wrists. He is wearing dark pants tucked inside black low heeled over the calf boots. All of this is usually hidden under the heavy and fairly bulky brown coat known as the standard issue for the Independents.

Jack carries his 6’3” frame with an easy gate. He has an aura about him of total confidence without being overly cocky or condescending. He is one of those annoying seemingly charmed people in which success in athletic endeavors come too easy. Hard to anger, harder to calm he seems to just glide along without much care.