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Full name Doctor Ivy Valerica Lambsey
Parents Syrus and Cera Lambsey (deceased), actors. Father with traveling troupe of performers visiting the 'verse.
Siblings Sebastian Cullum Lambsey[1], Dale Kane Lambsey[2], Neil Harris Stinson
Spouse n/a
Children Lilybug Augusta Lambsey & Logan Lee Lambsey (twins, place of birth: Dregs Bar)
Assignment Medical Wellness Clinic, Persephone
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blue/somewhere between gold and red depending on the season and exposure to sun
Height and Weight 5'1" (1.5M)/105 (47kg)
Status Inactive
Education Information

Medical School

Military Service



Small and sassy, this woman barely clears five feet. Confidence suggests that she does not fret over her height or any lack of it. Her frame emphasizes soft curves over hard lines and angles; she has to work to keep those curves under control. She is somewhere in her mid to late twenties; exuberance and enthusiasm are tempered by maturity. A thick mane of rust and golden curls falls down her back and brushes against fair skin to frame a round face. A stubborn chin combines with a willful expression. Lips quickly turn to a good natured smile and wide blue eyes reflect sudden changes of temperament.


The history of my life by Ivy Lambsey:

"I grew up on Paquin, there's really not much to say. My brother Dale and I were into an average amount of trouble as children but if you measure it by some of the Romany expectations, we were absurdly well behaved. "
"Our formative years were a lark; we spent time performing or training with our parents and then later avoiding them to find mischief amidst the Romany. Zander[3] started staying over with Dale and it's hard to remember a time when he wasn't at our place more than his. He said his parents fought a lot. His mom was friendly. She tried to teach me how to cook. I liked spending time with Zander's mother almost as much as he liked spending time away from his house."
"Then mom was sick and because of the show, she hid the symptoms too long. It was hard on the family when she died-and that's when, well, some things are better left unsaid. To sum up Dale turned to---something--- and I went on to medical school."
"Sure, I've got my secrets? Who doesn't but I like to think I've never consciously hurt anyone and that I've always made my decisions weighted toward the greater good."
"I didn't spend much time with Sebastian once he became a teenager, even before that he was off trying to be normal while Dale and I were embracing our multiple talents. I kinda felt sorry for him then, I think he feels sorry for us now."


"My parents were good people, but they were performers. Maybe you've heard of them? Syrus and Cera Lambsey? As warm and accepting as they seemed on the outside there were times that I felt like they thought Dale and I were getting in the way of some greater success. They didn't give Sebastian much of a break, especially, pa. He wanted kids that were willing to following them in success. He tried to make Sebastian into an actor well past the point where it was obvious he had little interest and not much talent in that direction."
"They never made me feel unloved or unwanted. They spent most nights working and partying. Dale, Zander and I were often left to our own devices. Zander said we were lucky; our parents could have been fighting. I recall the times we were together singing, dancing and having a good time and I miss it. The tightly knit embrace of family. Dad is working somewhere with a traveling troupe of performers. He sends me messages every few months, but things haven't been the same since mom died. She was the light that held our family together. Dale says we're better off on our own. Some nights when I can't sleep, I'm haunted by the music and the laughter. Sebastian has sent a few messages, but I haven't seen him for years."

Just Plain Fun:

This is where I'll take the stuff that I just want to keep around for one reason or another:
Ivy's gaze travels up Wayde[4] starting at his sneakers, traveling over his dark jeans and lingering over the saying on his t-shirt--which could be at eye-level for her before tipping her chin back to look up at him as he retreats. "I'm always hungry,” She says with a slow friendly smile. She keeps her attention directed at him, then shrugs, "But I...run. A lot." She almost doesn't seem to notice Zander's hand. As if he was an insect or a sibling swatting at her to steal her attention.
Zander on Sun Jul 20 15:58:06 2008 has +nommed you and has been accepted by admin for your RP with the following reason from Zander I do know Ivy elseMUSH and I won't be making a habit of +noming her because of that. I'm +noming her because she's an excellent RPer and in our scene yesterday, she really slipped into the role of Ivy and balanced out Zander and Dale. And when a PC can toss up a pose where they completely shock you and your own PC, well it keeps you guessing. I don't anyone in the scene yesterday ever expected to hear certain words escape Ivy's mouth; especially when they were directed to Wayde. It was classic.
Wave sent to Zander Drake:
Medical Appointment Scheduled: Request medical examination related to patient's complaints of puritis. While this is only a symptom of a greater disease, it is this medics opinion that the complaint should be investigated. As you know puritis is an intense itching sensation that can have various causes such as allergies, infection, lymphoma, jaundice, etc.
Wave sent to Dale: Medical Appointment: Please remind Zander that he is scheduled for a medical examination to rule out any serious complaints related to his puritis. Don't worry, if it's catchy, you already have it.
Dale's reaction: Priceless!
Dale holds a message pad in his hand. He looks around from here to there trying to spot... Aha. His quarry. He looks to his best mate and says, "Hey, Zander. My sister says to not forget your appointment to cure your ... uh..." he looks down at the message pad. "puritis." He shakes his head as if to say, It's not my fault as he looks up and notices everyone around and offers a smile all about. "Hullo." He checks out Cody's knuckles a minute curiously and when Sawyer comes racing in he can't help but notice.

Visual Ivy

Current Trivia: Truth or Fiction!?

Ivy got preggers in a lab -- or in the Dregs or she stole someone else's egs and implanted them.

She chased Zander Drake down and asked him to marry her telling him the kids were his and that a paternity test would prove. Lab brats!

Ivy took an extended vacation while pregnant due to complications.

Ivy took an extended leave during her pregnancy to booze and party on PAQUIN!!

When the twins were born their proud mother named them: Jigger and Bug.

Ivy is coaxing Dale to sell off tickets to raffle her in marriage. It's for CHARITY.

At the recent MWC Gala, Ivy was seen to disturb more than one guest by tugging them onto the dance floor and when one stumbled and fell, the couple ended up tangled in a heap.

The two headed baby is Lilybug.

OMG! Ivy gave birth to her twins in that CRAPPY Dregs Bar! Xian attended while Dale held her up and Lee gave moral support to the dismay of his hand.
Ivy is very fond of Lee Corsuca [5], but he's more than passingly fond of HER brother Dale and while Ivy and Lee might still share a beer; it seems pretty unlikely they'll spill it on each other. She seems to consider Lee part of the extended and growing Lambsey family.

Current assignment:

Doctor Medical
Thanks to the kindness and generosity of a whole lot of folks, Ivy is working in the Medical Wellness Center on Persephone. With Dale skillfully in charge of moving and changing things, the clinic has been able to expand and grow to offer more and more services to the underprivileged. Which is a whole lot of good, because Ivy's more often than not got her head in the clouds when it comes to the business matters of running a clinic.

Songs and Stuff:

Ivy likes limericks, you might want to ask Zander about that.
Because of her parents, Ivy and Dale are as much entertainers as anything reputable. One of Ivy's favorite tunes is:
My father, he's the king of the gypsies, it is true My mother, she learn-ed me some camping for to do With my pack all on my back my friends all wished me well As I went down to London town some fortunes for to tell

Some fortunes for to tell, some fortunes for to tell As I went down to London town some fortunes for to tell As I was a-walking upon a London street A handsome young squire was the first I chanced to meet He view-ed my brown cheeks and he lik-ed them so well He said, "My little gypsy girl, will you my fortune tell?"

Oh yes sir, oh kind sir, please give to me your hand It's you that have fine fortune, both houses and good land The fairer girls are dainty, but you must cast them by For it is the little gypsy girl who is to be your bride.

He took me to his castle, there were carpets on the floor And servants there a-awaiting for to open ev'ry door There were ladies there of honor and the music it did play And all were there to celebrate the gypsy's wedding day.

So it's farewell to the gypsy life, to campin' on the green No more with my brothers and my sisters I'll be seen Oh, once I was a gypsy girl but now I'm a squire's bride With servants for to wait on me and in my carriage ride.'
“Serenity” Valley
From this valley they say you are going,
I shall miss your sweet face and bright smile.
For they say you are taking the sunshine
That has brightened my pathway awhile.

Come and sit by my side if you love me
Do not hasten to bid me adieu
But remember Serenity Valley
And the poor girl who loved you so true

I've been thinking a long time my darlin’,
Of those sweet words you never would say,
But the last of my fond hopes have vanished
For they say you are going away.

I have promised you, darling, that never
Would words from my lips cause you pain;
My life will be yours forever
If only you will love me again.

There never could be such a longing
In the expression of a poor girl’s face,
As dwells in this heart you are breaking
While I wait in my bunk deep in space.

Do you think of this valley you are leavin’,
Oh, how lonely and dreary it will be?
Do you think of the kind hearts you’re breakin’,
And the pain you are causing to me?

(One LAST Chorus)

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