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“The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn, like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars" -Jack Kerouac

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Full name Itzal Nekane
Date of Birth 2489/2/14
Parents Mikael Nekane (Father)
Lore Nekane (Mother)
Children Born Born Jun 03, 2524
  • Jass Avery Quinn (Son)
  • Joss Maia Quinn (Daughter)
  • Currently Hospitalized
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Dark Blue/brown
Height and Weight 5'6"/137 lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • Alliance Military Youth School
  • Alliance Military Officers School
  • Alliance Military Flight School
Military Service



Itzal's childhood was unlike most spacer's that live the way he does. Both of his parents were respected in their chosen fields. Officers of the Alliance Military and were both very loving towards their son. He grew up when not on varius capital ships with his parents attending the Alliance Military Academy. Where he was in the top 10 percent of his classes that involved mechanical things and of a nature relating to ships themselfs.


As an Adolescent Itzal began to truley show his colors, revealing that though he did embrace his schooling with the Alliance Military Academy that he did indeed have a side that could also joke with others. It was here that he began to view the people around him and that were in his dorm as family. Later in life this would translate into his crew being his family. His instructors quickly learned that the teenager was meant to be in a pilots seat and that he had that special nack for things so long as he was in the air, or so long as it seemed he was in the air. At the age of 16 he managed to graduate the academy early to go on to attend the Alliance Officers School and then Flight school.

Tнэ Λlιaηcэ чєaяs

Itzal was given his commision as a Lieutenant within the Alliance Military, Where he was stationed within the 63rd Alliance Enforcement Fleet as a capital ship pilot. His time spent with the 63rd was trying for him in some ways though he did distinguish himself in a few of the forrays he was involved with. During the battle of Serenity Valley he was actually serving with the 63rd Federals. His time with the 63rd Enforcment fleet spanned for just over 2 years after which he was reassigned to the 35th SAS stationed on Londium, where he served once more as a Pilot just with much diffrent duties then when he was with the 63rd. In April of 2515 he was given a Honorable Discharge after spending 3 months in the wilderness of a rim world planet where the ship he was on crashed after expieriencing severe mechanical issues. Before the crash and in the crash Itzal was wounded, garnering him a medal for being wounded in action. His 4th such medal for injured while serving the alliance. His rank upon discharge was Captain.

Tнэ ωaηdєяιηg чєaяs

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Metal Rack



The man before you stands to be around 5 foot 6 inches tall, His weight around 130-140 pounds giving him an athleticly toned frame. A slight air of confidence clinging to him as if he does his all in any given situation.

Itzal's hair of brown is kept short to the flesh, In a crew cut sort of manner the sides kept shorter then the top by just the slightest ammount.currently its kept beneath a black beanie cap, A pair of dark goggles sitting atop the black fabric. His facial features are predominatly noble european in style. His features finely formed and showing he comes from good breeding stock. Intelligent eyes of dark blue watch the world around him, with a sort of curiosity at what the verse may find for him next. His soft thin lips framed into a soft and friendly sort of smile.

His current choice in clothing is one for practicality while at work, A dark green jump suit that holds 2 medium sized cargo pockets on the right leg as well as a insert to put padding on the knee and shin. The left side holding a medium sized cargo pocket with 5 smaller cargo pockets to hold finger tools such as ones someone might use when doing electrical work stiched into the front of the larger cargo pocket to allow easy reach. The same insert for knee and shin pads as the right leg are present on this leg as well.

Concealing his chest is a black tactical style vest with several additions onto it to change it slightly from its original purpose to more suit the mans needs. On it there are two small pouches on the lower right side used to hold varius tools. On the opposing side there is a cross draw pistol holster with a colt peacemaker secured inside. The upper right side is covered by a medium sized pouch holding on its outside the name Nekane stiched in red. The upper left side holds three pouches, one holding a pair of pliers while the other two seem to be holding a motley assortment of items.

Around his waist is a black leather belt with small pouches on it to carry personal items and the last odds and ends so he may do whatever he is needed for within reason wherever he may be. The right side of the belt holding another holster with another Colt Peacemaker secured into the holster by a simple clasp.


First encounter with the crew of the Dark Embrace

Art in the Park

The twin's arrive



Black Wolf Enterprises

Dates:October of 2523 to February of 2524

Position: Pilot and relief Engineer

Guan Yin II

Dates: February of 2524 to December of 2524

Position: Chief of Security

Status: N/A


Alliance Military


Status: Active Duty

Rank: Captain CaptainRank.jpg

Assignment: Aide-de-camp to General Malchior Havok



Cennaire: Close friend, and Fiance
Xian Nu: Close friend and crewmate.
Alaren Thalasa: friend and old crewmate.
Kathryn Aldaran: Ex-girlfriend


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Swing Life Away: Rise Against[1]