Ita Moon

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Ita Moon
Local Authority Alliance?
Population ~8 thousand (plus terraforming crew and depot crew)
Terraformed ongoing?
Sim. Status Fully coded
Restricted Landing No
Public Shuttle Yes
Type Moon
Size Class 1 (A)
Class Rim
Orbit First from Whittier
Coordinates 4030, -2020, 74
Market Information
Commodities Market Yes
Imports Chickens
Low Tech
Parts - Civil
Exports Mid Tech
"It is possible we might have something that'd do you. We just come from a big salvage job off Ita Moon. Picked the bones'a half a dozen junk heaps not unlike the one you're sittin' in."
― the Captain of the Walden, in "Out of Gas"

A moon in a remote sector, orbiting Whittier. It is unclear what sort of activities occur in the area, but the locale seems useful for salvage.

Ita Moon was once a haven for the Pirate Commonwealth, who had spent a bit of time and effort building up resources there. However, in 2529 the Alliance caught wind of this and sought to root the Commonwealth out. A battle both on land and in the air took place on May 25, 2529. Following the destruction of an Alliance cruiser via surface to orbit missile, the Alliance recalled its ground forces and retaliated in full force, making an example of Ita Moon via a missile strike that left the spaceport a smoking irradiated ruin and what little infrastructure the little Rim world had decimated. Ash blanketed the skies, and it was declared a no-fly zone for years, but in October 2533 a call went out for settlers. The landscape has changed a bit, as the process of restoration and renewal washed from it not only the evidence of the more recent military action but scars leftover from the Unification War as well. Visitors and settlers now find it a fairly quaint little Rim world with adequate farm land; the settled area around the spaceport consists of flatlands surrounding a small forest.

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Canon References

  • The crew of the S.S. Walden was returning from a salvage mission around Ita Moon when they stop to 'help' Serenity in the episode "Out Of Gas".