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The Basics

Full name: Iorwerth Sion Jones
Date of Birth: 17 April, 2482
Gender: Male
Born On: Persephone, Eavesdown slums
Eyes: dk. Blue-grey
Hair: dk. Brown hair
Height: 5'11 3/4"
Weight: 145 lbs
Handedness: Left, though trained to be ambidextrous
Bloodtype: O positive
Parents: Hywel and Wenonah (nee Parker) Jones (both deceased)
Siblings: Grew up an only child, as younger sister Rhonwen O'Neil McCoy was adopted at birth. Has also been unofficially adopted by Nysacire O'Doherty and of all people, Damian Carmichael
Also Related to: Amber Wu - second cousin, Cody Cobrainne - nephew (NPC), Alex McCoy - nephew (NPC), Cassidy McCoy - step-niece (NPC)
Spouse: Angela Devane Jones
Children: Nicholas Drake and by unofficial adoption Venadia Carmichael
Grandchildren: By unofficial adoption: Raven Havoc, Adrian Trelemaine, Carolyn Carmichael and Sebastien Carmichael Assignment: CMO, Red Lion Industries
Specialization: Combat Medic/Trauma Surgery
License Number: Osiris 523-081-7332
Status: Inactive
Mentoring: the wonder triplets: Charles Weng, Camille Stenkowski, Jose Vargas
Nicknames: The Singing Surgeon, Doc, Ior, Eeyore, Paw, Mr. Jones, Eun Amhran (song bird), Old Goat, Tyrant Jones, Grandpa, Shen, Uncle Woggy
Callsign: Merlin


  • Graduated Eavesdown Comprehensive School, Persephone 20 May, 2496
  • Graduated Thebes University, Osiris - Baccalaureate Degree in Human Biology and Music (2497-2501) 26 May, 2501
  • Graduated Osiris MedAcad, Osiris - Doctor of Medicine, Trauma Surgery (2501-2505) 23 May, 2505 Ranked 23rd of 50 in Surgical Class
  • Degree granted 2506, while in service in Alliance Fleet, before the start of the war.

Additional Specialized Training

  • Internship: Surgical - Osiris University Hospital (2502-2503)
  • Residency: Trauma Unit - Osiris University Hospital (2503-2505)
  • Residency: Alliance Fleet - Field Medic (2505-2506)
  • Re-entered MedAcad on Osiris (2523-present) - second doctoral studies in Forensic Anthropology and Pathology, current minor in Psychology.

Military Service

  • Enlisted in Alliance Fleet 2505, promoted to Captain on completion of Officers School - Assigned to 3rd Fleet, IAV Tiburon, 6th Osiris Cavalry ‘Deathstalkers’ as unit medic. Went AWOL October 2506
  • Enlisted in Independent Military soon after start of the war, October 2506, accepted at Captain rank, serving as Field Medic and MASH surgeon in the 86th Forward Medical Division, initially based on Dyton. Field promoted to Major January 2510 after commendations for valour, courage under fire and heroism while wounded (commendations registered in 2507, 2508 and 2509).
  • Captured during Battle of Sturges (2510), taken to Alton River Prisoner of War Camp, Boros. Served time for his ‘treason’ (going AWOL) through the rest of the war, escaped hanging by working as one of the camp medics. Listed as Trialed, Not Convicted Independent from this point on.

Post War Employment

  • No official employment listed from 2511-2522, though sporadic crew manifests of the Exalted Justice (pirate vessel, based out of Beylix) list an I.S. Jones as Crew Medic and Entertainer. The Exalted Justice exploded in a blaze of glory mid-2522 while the doctor is not aboard.
  • Hired as Ship Medic on the Twisted Halo 2522, leaving shortly afterwards.
  • Hired as Ship Medic on the Bonaventure very late 2522, left early 2523.
  • Hired as Chief Medical Officer for Red Lion Industries May 2523

Personal Rules To Live By

  • Rule Number One: Don’t get caught.
  • Rule Number Two: Don’t suffer an annoying fuck to live.
    • Corollary: Don’t be an annoying fuck.
  • Rule Number Three: Know your role.
  • Rule Number Four: Never show more than you have to.
  • Rule Number Five: Sarcasm will get you everywhere.
  • Rule Number Six: Don’t fuck up more than you have to.
  • Rule Number Seven: Survive by any means necessary.
  • Rule Number Eight: Everyone Lies.
  • Rule Number Nine: Fighting Leads to make-up sex, which inevitably leads to fighting.
  • Rule Number Ten: Everyone leaves you. Eventually.

The Details

Born on Persephone in April of 2482, to parents in the Eavesdown Slums, Iorwerth grew up with a thirst for getting the hell out of there. Music came easily to the boy, and though his parents could never afford to provide him with instruments or lessons, he managed to learn anyway. This often caused the boy to take odd jobs here and there, finding out how easy it was to be taken advantage of by employers.

Learning also came easy to the lad, and by the age of fourteen he finished his comprehensive schooling, two years earlier than most children. It wasn’t hard to suss out that education would be his ticket out of the slums and off Persephone. However, the needs of survival didn’t allow for him to move on right away. It took playing a gig at a birthday cotillion for one of the Plantation Pretties north of his home at the age of fifteen to open the right doors. Her father was impressed enough with the young man’s music abilities that a short conversation proved to be all Iorwerth needed to get the Father to help get him off planet. Granted, this was mostly because the young lady seemed to be flirting with the talented ruffian, and Iorwerth was receptively flirting back. Best to get the boy out of sight before anything socially untoward happened.

After passing the requisite tests, he was accepted to Thebes University, on Osiris where he completed his undergraduate work, splitting his focus between music and pre-med courses. While music was a deep and important part of Iorwerth’s soul, medicine would provide for him the rest of his life. While there, he was assigned living quarters in the dormitory for those considered 'charity cases' with another young man, Michael Decker from Dyton. It wasn't what you could call a fast friendship, but lasting is a better term.

While certain doors were opened, college and MedAcad were not without costs, nor is living free on Osiris. All the while through school, Jones and Decker worked series after series of jobs. From waiting tables, to nightclub performer to clerk in the hospital, often working when they weren’t in class or working on their internships or residencies. The insomnia that Jones had suffered with all his life finally came in handy.

It was a busy time, both physically and socially. As Jones began to learn how to move through social circles, there were a few girls that he dated with varying levels of seriousness. Certainly one of the more serious was Aly Drake, whom he saw for only a few months in the later part of 2504 and early 2505. She was one of the attending doctors in the surgical rotation at the Osiris General Surgery, into her second year when they met. By the end of November '04, they were seeing each other exclusively. Things deepened leading up to the Christmas party that year, where Iorwerth presented her with a rare gift, an original song. The new year found the romance cooling, perhaps in part to the strain of his final year in the Medacad, possibly because he was applying to so many places to try to secure his future, their future together. In large part it was because that night at the Christmas party. By February, the relationship was in serious trouble. Aly was with child, and with each rejection of employment for Iorwerth, the Alliance grew to be a more likely scenario for employment, experience and his loans being paid off. Underlying this all was still that Christmas party, the wild drunken night led to Jones passing out early. Which left Decker entertaining Aly, as his fiancee was at a family function he was mysteriously not invited to. Things were brittle between Iorwerth and Aly when they were broken off, she left for Hera and a life without him, and he finalized his enlistment with the Alliance recruiter.

Then in 2506 the war broke out and Dr. Jones, officially bearing the rank of Captain in the Fleet, abandoned his post and signed up with the Independents. Naturally, this ideological split caused a rift to form between Iorwerth and Michael, as Decker stayed with the Alliance Medical. Decker felt he couldn't disrespect the system that educated him. Jones felt otherwise.

In the 82nd Forward Medical, he was a field surgeon, patching up guys often on the very front lines themselves when he wasn't assigned to the 8063rd Mobile Surgical Hospital. He became known for his singing, often helping to keep a patient more calm than would otherwise be possible without the benefit of anesthetics. This had caught the attention of one Sargent Catalina Ngeuyn, and the two exchanged letters, and started spending what spare moments they could manage together. In one such piece of corospondence, Iorwerth proposed and Catalina accepted.

Though assigned officially to a particular division, Jones often landed in various other field hospitals, treating the people he he rode in with along the way. One doctor that Iorwerth became friends with was stationed with the 45th Medical, Xian Nu. Xian was one of the few other medics that ever seemed to 'get' his crackling dry sense of humor. The two spent too many hours standing at different surgical tables, trying their damnedest to keep just one more kid from being another kid going home in a box. Sadly though, Xian had the misfortune of being the surgeon that had to tell Jones that Catalina had been wounded and died on the table not but twenty feet from him. Only God himself could have saved her life, her wounds were catastrophic. There was no way any human being could have saved Catalina's life. Once Jones recovered his head again, he apologized to Xian for his initial reaction and the two became deeper friends.

In 2510, he was captured by Alliance forces during the Battle of Sturges, and sent to Alton River POW camp on Boros with another doctor from his unit. There he met an intrepid and often reckless young man named Beau. Through the last year of the war, the doctor proved himself a true friend to the boy, going so far as to making certain he got back home to Beylix. Not long after their arrival, Iorwerth started work on the Exalted Justice. While certain friendships and connections were let to lay by the wayside, other relationships were forged. Including Jones being adopted by a rather young lady who's surname is O'Doherty as her older brother, despite his initial and often vociferous denial. Years of slow recovery, of becoming a human being again would take place in this most unlikely of settings. It certainly helped that the crew of the Exalted Justice took a certain Robin Hood-esque stance on their brand of piracy, which lead Jones into so broad a scope of situations as he never thought possible.

In late 2520, Iorwerth found the love of his life, the woman he calls Angel. She has saved his life more than once, not the least of which was the day she insisted he come with her in 2522. This was just days before the Exalted Justice exploded in a blaze of glory, apparently taking Beau with it. Iorwerth would never see the man who had been his brother in arms, his best friend and greatest confidant ever again.

Their home destroyed, the pair worked their way around the ‘Verse, trying out a couple of ships. The first was the Twisted Halo, though it didn’t last long and the two said their good-byes to the rest of the crew. Soon after came a stint on the Bonaventure, though that came to a crashing halt when Angel left the ship, feeling overwhelmed by Jones’ proposal, thinking he had expectations of a ‘perfect life with a perfect wife’. Though frankly, he never expected any of that. Six months of searching and mourning and depression led him to Red Lion Industries on Osiris, and the home of Lord Damian Carmichael, Bubastis.

Jones was hired by Lord Carmichael on the provision that Angel approve it, which eventually she did. The couple have even reconciled and have begun planning their wedding. Recently he’s been trying to expand his knowledge base by re-enrolling at the MedAcad and be an integral and invaluable part of Red Lion Industries as it's Chief Medical Officer starting in June of 2523.

September of 2523 has found the Family of Jones expanding, with the arrival of Nicholas Drake, the son of Aly Drake. The young man brought with him an old photo of the Doctors Decker (Mita and Michael), Iorwerth and Aly before that fateful Christmas party that would eventually lead to the end of his relationship with Aly.

25 December, 2523 - Jones finally manages to get his long time fiancee Angela Devane to the alter. Deacon Wayde Sullivan presided over the ceremony, and the happy couple were attended by Lord Damian Carmichael on the bride's side, and Nicholas Drake on the groom's.

For the most part, the first eleven months of 2524 were fairly quiet, if you don't take into account honeymooning, adjusting to having Nicholas in his life, continuing his education and furthering that of his interns, taking on greater responsablities with certain wards around the compound, discovering that infact, Nicholas /is/ genetically his son and that Aly had pretty much 'engineered' the boy, threats to the safety of his adoptive family, dead men on the doorstep, murdered cats, Angela's first anniversary of her 29th birthday, ear infections that lead to exploding eardrums and hearing loss, as well as the cesaerian section delivery of Damian and Venadia's twins, of course.

December 2524 on the other hand, was anything but quiet. Terrorists, explosions, kidnappings, torture, violence - There wasn't much that /didn't/ go on in that month, less it be sleep one thinks on. Death, destruction, reunion, healing and the first anniversary of his marriage....And almost worst of it all, it all happened on Persephone.

January 2525 was supposed to be a time of healing and recovery. But the month ended with the company divided, Damian heading back to Osiris to show the lasest round of terrorist that he would not be cowed, Jones ending upon Persephone at the Medical Wellness Clinic treating people for Batrachotoxin poisoning, more reunions following in it's wake.

March went out like a thief in the night, stealing away the musical medic. Captured and retried for his Crimes Against the Alliance and Humanity during the war, Iorwerth was sentanced to 'life' inprisonment on Boros, on the sight of the very same POW camp he'd been interred in at Alton River during the war. It was late April before he was found and returned home to Bubastis, through the tireless efforts of his wife Angela, son Nicholas, Damian Carmichael, Amar Rendolin, Liliya Dolohov, Xian Nu Ashcroft, Grey Ashcroft, Leutrim Donnchadh, Eugene Donnchadh, Dale Lambsey, Lee Weaving, Sinklar Fist, Jade Tycho, The Kelley Clan of Boros and likely others his senile player has since lost the names of, sadly. Months of recovery naturally have followed, Jones' torture, and therefore wounds being fairly significant.

August of the same year brought with it a vast expanding of the Jones family, with the discovery of Amber Wu, a second cousin from his mother's side, and Rhonwen O'Neil McCoy, the younger sister his parents gave up for adoption when Iorwerth was a toddler. Along with Rhonwen came her husband, a colleague from the days in Independent MASH units - Jonah McCoy, their son Alex and Jonah's daughter Cassidy, and Rhonwen's older son Cody (though the old goat has yet to meet the older son). It's been a lot to get used to, and has really sent Iorwerth spinning, looking back at the past and what he remembers about his family on Persephone, The Jones Clan.


You've made it this far, what's a few more words amongst friends?  ;>

NOTE #1: I AM SLOOOOOOW TO POSE. This isn't intended to be insulting to anyone, but I simply do not pose quickly. The bigger the scene, the longer I generally tend to take. I take no offense if you want to RP, but just don't have the time to RP with someone who poses at ancient old turtle speed. Think of how slow molasses would flow while out of doors in Alaska in January, it's pretty analogous. I'm highly capable of RPing through IC +waves and @mails, and willing to do so.

NOTE #2: For a larf, check out RLI Kitties - Thanks again to Patience for the work that went into it, it's brilliant. Also, Pirate Paraphernalia


  • Was born in the Year of the Horse, according to Chinese Astrology.
  • Has gone by his middle name Sion frequently, because it just seemed easier.
  • Generally only wears black or grey, and occasionally accents his wardrobe with the colour red, often a blood red.
  • Is an accomplished musician, who plays a number of instruments including guitar, fiddle and piano, playing most as if he were right handed, rather than left.
  • Favourite guitar is named "Myfanwy", which in the Welsh language means "My rare one"
  • Favourite food: fresh seafood, doesn't matter the preparation.
  • Favourite Seasoning: Cinnamon, which he's actually mildly allergic to.
  • Doesn't drink coffee, non-alcoholic beverage of choice: hot tea, year round. Alcoholic beverage of choice: Whiskey, then Rum.
  • Sings while doctoring people, some people have their own special songs he uses just for them. Angela has about fifteen songs, depending on his mood towards her at the time.
  • Started to learn sign language following severe ear infections that caused him to have hearing loss in late August 2524.
  • Actually speaks smatterings of Welsh, Cherokee, Gaelic, Russian, Latin, French, Spanish and Hebrew, but not nearly enough to be considered fluent in any of them, and almost never uses them.
  • Abhores being called Mister Jones, since he busted his ass to put himself through medical school the first time.
  • Is wired backwards, chemically speaking. Caffine has little effect on him, generally actually making him sleepy, and chamomile tea makes him hyper.
  • Is severely afraid of drowning, suffering panic attacks at the notion of getting into a still body of water.
  • Has started to learn to play the bodhran, one of the few instruments he actually plays left handed.

Marks of Distinction

Battle (and other) Scars

  • Back of his head from a fight with another child in Eavesdown.
  • "Appendectomy" scar from his Auntie Seran taking the idea of 'playing doctor' too serious. She tried to take out his appendix with a kitchen knife when he was four.
  • Left wrist, along the distal side of the radius, where a laser scalpel cut deep following an explosion overhead during the first battle on Santo.
  • Exposed to various doses of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical agents during the war, there are areas of well healed skin grafts on the back of his neck, back, right arm, both legs. These grafts repaired some of the burn scars from when his Auntie Seran decided to burn off his braids - vestiges of his Mother's Cherokee culture - burns that had been on the back of his neck and upper back when he was six.
  • Was badly wounded in the Battle of Sturges, scars on right hip, thigh, lower abdomen and groin due to shrapnel grenade going off in close proximity to the wounded soldier he was treating.
  • Wide variety of scars, located all over his body from the years in Alton River POW camp during the war and on a Pirate ship beyond that.
  • Gunshot wound to the right forearm, along with the wound scar itself, there are several surgical scars that are still fresh, showing the lines needed to take to repair the damage. There is a similar set of scars on his right knee that are just as 'old'.


  • Pair of red breasted swallows bellow the collar bones circa 2505, when as an Alliance Fleet Medic, he made his first journey from the Core out to the Rim and back. The one below the right collar bone has been interrupted by the scar of a stab wound.



  • "Break" as performed by Jonathan Rhys Meyers on the August Rush soundtrack
  • "Drive" by Incubus
  • "Children's Crusade" by Sting.
  • "Dammit" by Blink182
  • "Anna Begins" by the Counting Crows
  • "There for the Grace of God Go I" by Flogging Molly
  • "Mad World" Gary Jules
  • "The Wrong Side" by Abney Park
  • "Blue on Black" Kenny Wayne Sheppherd
  • "Persephone" by Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers
  • "Selfish Man" by Flogging Molly
  • "Dust in the Wind" by Kansas
  • "Jealous Again" by the Black Crows
  • "Cumbersome" by Seven Mary Three
  • "Halleujah" by Tom Waites
  • "Never Change" by Puddle of Mudd


  • "She Talks to Angels" by The Black Crows
  • "Always a Woman to Me" by Billy Joel
  • "Patience" by Guns and Roses
  • "Alcohaulin’ Ass" by Hell Yeah
  • "This time' as performed by Jonathan Rhys Meyers on the August Rush soundtrack
  • "Mercy" by Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers
  • "Addicted" by Saving Abel
  • "Cold Hard Bitch" by Jet
  • "Green Shirt" by Elvis Costello
  • "She Hates Me" bu Puddle of Mudd
  • "She" by Abney Park


  • "Simple Man" by Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • "Carry On My Wayward Son" by Kansas
  • "Blurry" by Puddle of Mudd

Potential Character Hooks

As a player, I love having my character's background and world be as rich and detailed as possible. To that end, here are several potential 'hooks' for our characters to have crossed paths in the past. If you find any that could fit your character, please don't hesitate in dropping me an @mail about your idea. Enjoy!

  • There are so many Jones' living in Persephone's Eavesdown Slums that it's possible that Iorwerth could be related to just about anyone who was born/grew up there. They're a rather poor and generally uneducated lot who honestly aren't that interested in bettering themselves. Every now and again though, this family produces someone different and brilliant and not willing to be all but enslaved in Persephone's Peculiar Institution. Also, Parker's who are descended from the Cherokee Nation from Earth That Was are related to Iorwerth from his mother's side. And though Iorwerth was the only child that Hywel and Wenonah raised, he might not be the only child had....(2482-2497)
  • Other children grew up with Jones in Eavesdown before the turn of the century, sometimes Jones would do odd jobs for folk, everything from running messages and small packages between ships to busking to washing dishes. Someone had to hire him, right? (2482-2497)
  • Thebes University and Osiris Medacad - Jones was a student and a tudor, and was always working at one or more part time job, everything from waiting tables to performing as a musician at a drag club (not while in drag himself, just a backup musician). People went to school with him, not all of them ended up doctors. People had to work with him or get tutored by him. (2497-2505)
  • Alliance Fleet Medical - Following graduation from MedAcad, Jones was commissioned into the Alliance a year before the war started. In that time he helped take care of the crew of the Tiburon, completing his residency and fully earning the title Doctor. (2505-2506)
  • Jones was a Field Surgeon during the War of Alliance Aggression, and frequently treated anyone on the field he came across. Browncoat, Local or Alliance. It nearly got him court marshalled more than once. If you were wounded during the war, he could've treated you. (2506-2510)
  • Alton River POW Camp, Boros - Camp Doctor and Prisoner. Were you a guard? Fellow Prisoner? The camp was over crowded and under supplied, so surely there had to be someone else there. (2510-2511)
  • Piracy! From 2511-2522 Jones served about the pirate ship Exalted Justice, made contacts and something that resembled a name for himself for treating who ever he could in sometimes some rather creative ways and never demanding payment. In this time, he was a regular on many planets on the Rim, such as Beylix, St. Albans, Angel, Ezra, Whitefall and Deadwood. All manner of possibilities here, in no small part because the crew of the Exalted Justice often thought of themselves as Robin Hoods in Space.(2511-2522)
  • Since then, Jones has made all sorts of contacts and met all kinds of people. He's been a medic in several situations on the game that include Tuberculosis outbreak on Lilac, treating some less than legal individuals, terrorist attacks, ship explosions, BTX scare and such on Persephone. Other off camera activities include (illegal) capture and inprisonment on Boros, re-entering Osiris MedAcad for a second doctorate in the Forensics field, so he's going to school with a wide range of people at the moment. And he'll still treat anyone who walks through his door, no matter their ability to pay. (2522-present)

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