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Full name Ion Karoli
Date of Birth March 15,2501
Parents Demetrius & Elaina Karoli
Siblings Damek(28), Dannika(25), Nicholai(22), Nadya(20), Natalya(17), Lilia(14), Marek(14), Casimire(10),Malia(6)
Spouse Unwed
Children None
Assignment Romany Beylix Clan
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Brown/Brown
Height and Weight 6 ft. 1 in./140lbs.
Status Inactive
Employment History
  • Current: Unemployed

Short Conceptual

Charismatic con man. The kind of guy who could talk an eskimo out of his mucklucks.




Not so tall, not so skinny. This man is just right. He's got the kind of smile that lights up a room and the demeanor of a man of leisure and not a care in the world. He's a little over six feet tall with wavy long brown hair and brown eyes. One of the lengths of his hair has a braid in it, multicolored yarn woven within that lays against his head as he pulls it back into a ponytail. His facial hair is a little scruffy but still nice in a goatee that just barely covers his chin to match the mustache. His body is not one of full muscle but yet it's lean and looks good. He wears a vertically striped collared shirt in a myriad of color. Atop this is a simple leather vest with an accent of a silken scarf tied to let the point rest around his neck. His pants are tight in all the right places and are made of a soft and worn leather that pools up slightly at a pair of high leather boots with long tassels that sway from side to side when he walks. A host of woven and leather bracelets adorn one wrist as do a few silver rings. One right is a band while the other is two bands stacked atop each other with a blue stone between.