Ino Mai An

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Ino Mai An
Full name Ino Mai An
Date of Birth December 12, 2505
Parents Unknown
Siblings At Least Two (Unknown)
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Crew Member aboard the Redemption
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blue/Blonde hair
Height and Weight 5'7"/125 pounds
Status Inactive
Education Information

Raised and Educated in the Monastery of the Order of the Passion and the Temple, Triumph

Military Service

The Order of the Passion and the Temple is a recognized Military Order; its members are registered with the Alliance Government and have proper authorization to bear arms in service to God.

Employment History


  • October 8 2499 -- Mr. and Mrs. An marry; in a ceremony after the wedding, they ask fertility of the Lord, promising that if at least three healthy children are granted to them, the third would be dedicated to the Lord's work.


  • December 12 2505 -- Mr. and Mrs. An celebrate the birth of their third child, Ino Mai.


  • August 10 2510 -- Ino Mai is four years old when her parents deliver her to the Monastery of the Order of the Passion and the Temple. She spends the next few months being broken of her grief over being abandoned by her family.


  • December 12 2511 -- Ino Mai turns five and accepts the title of Initiate of the Order of the Passion and the Temple. Her order is now her only family. She begins training in hand-to-hand combat with other Initiates of her approximate age group.


  • September 29 2517 -- Ino Mai is eleven years old when she has her first period, the first demonstration that she's tainted with original sin. She's locked in a box to suffer the pain and bleeding in isolation, discomfort, filth and fasting. She's let out once she's finished bleeding, and shown her body, smeared in shit and vomit and blood, and taught that this was the true reflection of the sinful state of her soul. She was beaten and lashed in punishment for her sins for the first time.


  • December 12 2517 -- Ino Mai turns twelve, and, after several months of intense beatings, accepts her new role. She's baptized in a clear-running river, cleaned of the filth, held under until she nearly drowned, then brought to shore again and branded with the Monk's Cross. She is now a Flagellant of the Order of the Passion and the Temple. She's formed a strong bond with her sisters by now, one which is only strengthened by the way they tend to one another in their now-daily penances. She begins training in armoured sword combat with her sisters.


  • June 4, 2521 -- Ino Mai and all the sisters her age were taken from the monastery and dropped into the desert, separate from one another, where they lived in isolation for forty days. Only a little less than half of Ino Mai's sisters survived the trial.


  • December 12 2524 -- Ino Mai turns nineteen and is allowed to leave the monastery with the title of Penitent of the Order of the Passion and the Temple. She is sent forth into the 'verse to do good works and hold a sword in the Lord's name.




Recent History