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Full name Ingrid Hannah Dahl
Date of Birth July 25th, 2489
Parents Carl Dahl & Meike Knecht
Siblings Five Brothers (Carl Jr., Erik, Hanke, Carl the III, and Jonas)
Spouse Separated
Assignment Sentry, Tienlong
Specialization Security/Rancher
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blue eyes, Blond hair
Height and Weight 6'0"
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • Primary and Secondary Completed
Military Service
  • 22nd Volunteer Sharpshooters (Independent Faction 2506-2511).

Brief Background

Ingrid Dahl was born and raised on a small ranch on the planet Persephone. While not the owners, her parents were senior employees who lived on the ranch due to the owner's goodwill. Youngest of six children, Ingrid and her siblings were all raised up to pull their own weight on the ranch whose owners provided both work and place to live for her parents. The outbreak of the Unification War led to Ingrid and three of her brothers to sign up and serve. Postwar, Ingrid drifter from job to job from going back to work at the ranch to working various security jobs who appreciated the woman's prior military experience.


This woman is quite tall when compared to your average member of her gender. Standing at around six feet in height, she has a considerable build to her and her overall build marks her as a person who is quite intent with keeping their body in shape by choice or by profession. Pale blue, oval-shaped eyes stare out from her face with a rather non-descript nose placed in between. This woman's features are fairly softened and mark her as a woman into her late twenties or early thirties. Her skin is fair in complexion and mostly remains clear without too many blemishes beside your usual freckles here and there. Strands of bright blonde hair have been pulled back in a practical fashion behind her head. The left side of her face is pock-marked with what appears to be numerous deep scars. The scars seem to be old and healed, but still leave deep traces on her face.