Indigo Clare

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Indigo Clare
Full name Indigo Clare
Parents Hudson and Rose Clare
Siblings None
Spouse None
Assignment Pilot (Darkstar)
Specialization Piloting
Gender Female
Status Active


Indigo Clare is currently a pilot employed by DarkStar Securities. Before her employment, she was a poverty stricken machine engineer and former multipurpose pilot. Her stubborn and quiet nature make it rather difficult to warm up to her.


You see a female with straight shoulder length blonde hair and pale skin. She is about five and a half feet tall with a very light build, small hips and shoulders, short arms and stout legs, and decent sized hands and feet. She has average lips, a rounded chin, a compact nose, rounded light brown eyes, and small ears with a detached earlobe. Her skin appears as if she just cleaned herself. Her hair lacks any accessories, so it drapes down softly behind her head.

Recent Events

  • Sept. 2534 - Involved in an altercation with a local butcher.
  • Nov. 2534 - Accepted employment at DarkStar Securities.