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Full name Cabe 'Indigo' Flynn
Assignment Corsair, Leviathan
Gender Male
Status Inactive


A man of few words and much history. Cabe was sent to prison for a murder he did not commit ten years ago. While in prison he developed the nickname of Indigo. Once he got out, he sought out a place to call his own. With his history of being in prison it was hard to find a normal job and he ended up going on an ex-pirate ship with a captain by the name of Nysacire. Once on the Leviathan, he worked and began to fit in. A very shy nature slowly began to disappate and the real man began to shine. Once the pirates became back in power and the Leviathan became a pirate ship once again... Cabe took the mark and became a pirate on a day that changed his whole life soon after.


Inidgo looks to be just another face in the crowd and he most likely wouldn't be noticed at all except for the bits of deep blue tattoos that sneak out from the sleeves of his shirt. His body is fit from years of manual labor and working out. His skin is tanned and a little more winkled from being out in the sun and makes him seem a little older than he might be perceived. Sparkling green eyes are framed with a pair of wire framed glasses from time to time. Atop his head is a mess of blonde/brown hair that is cut close to his head and a little wild. His clothes follow more function than style. He wears a simple white t-shirt with a blue neck sweater pulled atop it. A pair of well worn and soft jeans end as they pool a little over a pair of well used boots. His hands are calloused and rough from work. He would look to be around six feet tall.

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Distinguishing Marks

Both of his arms are covered in ornate blue tattoos with only a little bit of black to shade and differentiate.

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