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It is a beautiful day. The sky is a brilliant blue. The sun is radiant, it's glow spread across the land. A pleasant breeze even bleows, bringing the scents of the season with it. Esther is outside enjoying the day. She is alone, but there is a smile on her face. The look in her eye indicates that she is on some self-made mission. Walking down the bustling street, the Romany of Paquin were peddling their wares! Children run and laugh. The mothers chase them to keep them from trouble. Young men smile at passing ladies. Old men reminesce of the days where they were doing just the same thing the young men were doing! It's home to Esther.

Esther carries a basket. It is filled with various treats and goodies. Fresh fruit, a loaf of freshly made bread, and even a bag of jelly beans! Onwards she walks, north through the faire and towards the rural outskirts of the city. As she walks, the sun continued it's course, slowly crossing the sky on it's own journey to the horizon. The journey she undertakes is long, but it is a journey worth making. Alone, she progresses down the road, turning up a small country road where the pavement had gave way to dirt. Trees grow thick here. The sounds of animals fill the air. Nothing dangerous, just the running squirrel, or a rabbit that happens to hop by. A bird sings in the trees overhead. Esther's gaze turns up to smile at the singing bird, however she continues on.

Her destination is a small clearing. In the center is a tree and two stone pillars. Here she pauses, setting the basket in the grass. The lid is opened and she reaches in to pull out a blanket. It's spread out picnic style and of course, the food items are spread out as well. The odd thing is, there are two places set and Esther sits down at one. In silence, she eats of her meal, her gaze looking out over the scenery. It isn't until the sky turns a brilliant gold and orange that she speaks. However, her words are song. A simple song. A lullaby.

The notes fade into the breeze and once more, Esther is silent. Her gaze turns to the basket and from deep within, a small parcel is taken. It is wrapped in blue parchment with a yellow ribbon atop. Slowly, Esther rises from the blanket and makes her way over to one of the pillars. She kneels, her fingers working to unwrap the parchment. From within a toy is produced. A shiny new toy ship. It is placed at the base of the pillar.

"Happy fifth birthday." There is a moment where she swallows hard. Her hand is extended to touch the cold pillar. "I will never forget you son."

The stone read:

In Loving Memory

Grant Hayes

2525 - 2529

(Aftermath of the Commonwealth Raid on Paquin in 2529)