Hyun Ki Tsai-Yu

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Hyun Ki
A Picture of Hyun Ki
Full name Hyun Ki Tsai-Yu
Date of Birth December 12, 2499
Parents Choi Tsai-Yu - Mother

Bae Shin Tsai-Yu - Father

Siblings None
Spouse Andrea Tsai-Yu - Divorced
Assignment None
Specialization Reconnaissance Sniper
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Brown and Black
Height and Weight 5'10" (178cm) 147lbs (66kg)
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • St. Michaels' Academy - Primary education
  • St. Francis' Preparatory School For Young Men - Secondary Education
  • Osiris Law School - Two Years of Pre-Law - College Education
Military Service
  • Two Years AngloSino Alliance, Sniper for 44th Detached Patrol Fleet.
Employment History
  • AngloSino Alliance Military
Personal Notes

Age: 22

Creed: Catholic

Blood Type: O

Hyun has Lightning Reflexes

Hyun Ki is Hooked on Cigarettes.


It was the middle of the day on December 12, 2499, when on Sihnon in Lu'Weng, Hyun Ki Tsai-Yu was born, his mother Choi Tsai-Yu wife of Bae Shin Tsai-Yu, a well to do Lawyer for one of the Large Silk Corporations. He was named after his Great Grandfather, who had also been a successful Lawyer. His mother was a simple house wife and enjoyed life that way, he was raised from a young age with only the greatest dreams in mind for him.

When he was young enough to go to Preschool, he did, he was sent to St. Michaels' Academy, for his Primary Education. These first two years seem hard on Hyun Ki, such a young age to be separated from his parents and to be sent off to leave in a boarding school. Only seeing his parents on the Holidays and Summer Vacation, though you really could not call them that as all he would do is home work and study.

By the time it was time to move on the Secondary Education, Hyun Ki was sent to St. Francis' Preparatory School For Young Men. This was the same year that he started to practice his musical instrument. He was giving a Violin, and has spent the years playing it since then. These years were a mixture of good times and bad times. As is Grade School, Junior High and High School. He continued to develop into the interesting man he is today.

Hyun Ki worked hard in school. Always getting good grades. He was the president of Various different clubs, played Varsity sports. The gem his mother and father wanted him to be. Even though the war, it really did not even seem to affect him, he was sheltered and becoming the perfect Alliance Citizen. All of those years were with limited few time, to enjoy life. Seeing his parents again only on vacations. He graduated, Valedictorian of his class and received a full scholarship to the Osiris Law School, though he did not need it.

He started college as he just had turned seventeen. Young and mind full of fresh new ideas. He was excited and scared. The world is not as black and white as he wanted. After two years, of college being payed for, his parents paying for all his expenses, buying him what ever he wanted. He dropped out. He decided that, he did not want to live his father's dream but instead his own. So he was lost. Because he never once stopped to think what he would like to do.

From there, he enlisted in the AngloSino Alliance Military. Nineteen disowned by his parents and alone. It was at this time he met someone he feel in love with. A nurse, yes I know how cliche a nurse and a soldier? Within a year there was a Military wedding, and Hyun Ki was happier then he ever had been in his life, still playing the Violin. He received several promotions and was rising in the ranks while excelling at his job.

He finally reached what he wanted to do. Being a Reconnaissance Sniper. This is when his life went to hell. He walked in on his wife Andrea Tsai-yu cheating on his with his Commander, Major Grant J. Taylor. Words were exchanged and finally blows were thrown. Now if it was not bad enough, charges were pressed against Hyun Ki. He was Court-Marshalled, convicted, stripped of his rank and discharged.

One year, one year in a penal colony. A tattoo on the back of his neck, with his number. One year of reading his divorce papers. One year of writing letters to his parents and never receiving a answer. One year is all it took to change Hyun Ki in ways that no one ever thought possible. When he was released and his personal possessions returned to him and him dropped off on Persephone, ready to once again start his life over.

Military Record

This is IC information.
This is Hyun Ki's Official Military Record. This is only viewable to AngloSino Alliance Personnel and only with reason.

//~//AngloSino Alliance Military Report - SSG. Hyun Ki Tsai-Yu - Start//~//

  • Enlisted at the Age of 19, January 3rd 2519.
  • MOS Assigned: 0300 Basic Infantry man.
  • Received the Rank of Private First Class.
  • Boot Camp - Sihnon Training Facility - Squad Leader Bravo.
    • MOS Assigned: 0311 Rifleman.
    • Received the Rank of Lance Corporal.
  • Vocational Training - Ariel Training Facilities - Subject: Sniper School - First in his Class.
    • MOS Assigned: 0317 Scout Sniper
  • Jump School - Ariel Training Facilities - Subject: Airborne Training - Graduated.
  • Vocational Training - Ariel Training Facilities - Subject: Reconnaissance Training - In Top Ten Percentile.
    • Received the Rank of Corporal.
  • Assigned to the 13th Reconnaissance Squadron, The Silver Foxes of the 44th Detached Patrol Fleet.
  • SERE School Training - Sihnon Training Facility - Survive, Evade, Resist, Escape Training - Graduated.
    • Received the Rank of Sergent.
  • Reassigned to the IAV Ranger, of the 44th Detached Patrol Fleet.
    • Received the Rank of Staff Sergent.
    • Court-Martialed for Striking Major Grant J. Taylor.
    • Dishonorably Discharged and Stripped of the Rank of Staff Sergent.
  • Awards:
    • Parachutist Badge
    • Marksmanship Badge - Rifle: Expert
    • Marksmanship Badge - Pistol: Expert
    • Reconnaissance Star
    • Federal Ground Forces Medal
    • Combat Action Ribbon
    • AngloSino Alliance Defense Ribbon
    • Humanitarian Aide Ribbon
    • Anti-Terrorist Training Ribbon
    • Sniper Tab

//~//AngloSino Alliance Military Report - SSG. Hyun Ki Tsai-Yu - End //~//

Prison & Warrants Record

This is IC information.
This is Hyun Ki's prison record. Only viewable to AngloSino Alliance Personnel and with reason.

//~//Prison Record & Warrants - Hyun Ki Tsai-Yu - Start//~//

  • Hyun Ki Tsai-Yu has been convicted of Striking a Superior Officer of the AngloSino Alliance Military, the 44th Detached Patrol Fleet. After his Court Marshalled, it was concluded that SSG Hyun Ki Tsai-Yu will be stripped of his Rank and Dishonorably discharged from Service of the AngloSino Alliance Military and will be released back into the General Public after serving a one year sentence on a Penal Colony.
    • One year sentenced on Penal Colony ZKY-9873 has been served.
  • Currently No Warrants for the Arrest of Hyun Ki Tsai-Yu.

//~//Prison Record & Warrants- Hyun Ki Tsai-Yu - End //~//


Physical Description


Hyun Ki Tsai-Yu stands striking at about five feet ten inches tall with a athletic and muscular build for someone his size. He appears to be in his early twenties and of Korean ethnicity. His black hair has been cut short and messily spiked, giving it a bed headed look. His eyes are dark brown, though warm and inviting, they seem to try and hide a great deal of pain behind them. His skin is smooth and has a slight yellow tint to it, a few small almost unnoticeable scars linger on it. Tattoos and piercings are almost none existent, except for the small black one on the back of his neck, a bar code with "ZKY-9873-1197" written below it.

Currently he is wearing a worn black leather jacket with a untucked white button up shirt underneath it. The top two buttons are undone, exposing a simple silver chain with a, slightly tarnished, Alliance Military insignia for the rank of Staff Sergent and a set of dog tags hanging off of it. A pair of torn white washed blue jeans hang loosely around his legs, random holes cover the soft denim, while other parts have become frayed away. A tan hemp D-Ring belt, wraps around his waist, more for looks then functionality. His grey leather sneakers come up right above the ankle and are rather worn and covered in dust. A pair of blue tinted, wire frame sunglasses, hang slightly off his nose. Wrapping around his left wrist is a silver watch.