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Horizon ship 01.jpg
Class Scarab Transport
Cargo Capacity 700 tons + 2 MULEs + 1 shuttles
Command Crew

Now Hiring

Horizon now Hiring General Crew

The cargo transport Horizon is hiring anyone that's looking to try out a life in the Black and willing to break a sweat. No experience needed, but a background check and basic lift test is required. If you're interested in seeing what life on an active, breathing cargo ship is, this might be the job for you.

Horizon is a legal Scarab Mk. I Transport that operates out of Paquin. Starting pay for General Crew position is 75 credits/week with a raise after two weeks of dutiful work. Pay for this position includes room and board, with comprehensive medical coverage. There is potential for training and advancement over time.

If interested, contact Carmen Shamaria or Merram Owens.



This vessel is sleek and low, with a keel of approximately 150 feet, and an overall length of about 210 feet. A Scarab Mk. I transport, she's wide, with a 100 foot beam, and spans nearly 150 feet from wingtip to wingtip. At about 40 feet high, her hull is smooth, set in long arching segments like plates of armor over the dorsal section, with thruster pods under each stubby wing, and the bulge of a grav drive pod at the aft. Her cockpit is slung under the forward section of the upper deck, and the wide loading bay opens forward. Along the top of the craft, a low rotating pod has been added with a clear bubble for its occupants to see out of.

The ship as a whole is unpainted, just an unpretentious steely grey that bears the dings, scars and scorch marks of countless flight hours. On either side of the arch over the grav drive at the aft is painted the ship's logo, a white sun mostly eclipsed by a planet or moon. The heavenly body is ringed with a glowing nimbus, slightly wider along the edge where the massive star is just starting to become visible. Emblazoned beneath this image is the ship's designation: Horizon

Command Crew

Captain/Owner: Carmen Shamaria
Co-Owner: Kallahan Shamaria
Executive Officer: Merram Owens

Chef: Trinity Cortes
Medical: Dr. Braedyn Alexander, Dr. Amaranth Harris
Crew Hands: Charlotte Morello