Hope House

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Hope House
Owners Aubrey Everson
Location Bernadette
Ships The Fabulous Caretaker

What is the Hope House?

Bernadette...French Quarter...Hope House. There it stands, a domestic and residentially huge example of the generosity of the verse. Built from the donations of hundreds of people who care. When a young man named Aubrey Everson first proposed the concept of a Hope Garden, people thought he was crazy. An entire garden as a monument to victims of violent crimes and wars so that their families and loved ones had a place to remember them? When he added on building an entire house so that those in need had a place to go and never be turned away? Many said 'yeah right'. However, due to the faith of a few and some killer Drag Competitions...as well as hefty donations? It now exists. A special mansion where people can always get a free meal, a free massage and place to relax, access to books and a quiet place to read or write...and a large garden where anybody can plant a tree or a flower to commemorate the life and death of somebody they loved who was taken from them through murder, natural disaster, war and other violent methods.

A beautiful garden filled with memorial plots of flowers and other plants exists to make sure the innocent and unfortunate victims of murders, tragedies, and wars are never forgotten...and it is connected to a special Safe House where people can receive medical care, physical therapy, job training, starting cash, free books, and even a free meal...welcome to, the Hope House. Located on Bernadette, the Hope House is the location of many of fundraising event and party and its a wonderful place to come if you're down on your luck, need the support from others, or just want to give of yourself so that others may have. There are even private massage rooms to take your mind off of whatever is stressing you out.

Why is the Hope House?


Aubrey Everson - Owner and Director of Technology

Miss Clover - Public Relations and Event Planning

Emilian Lovel - Director of Horticulture

Sypher Maxwell - Security Advisor

Beau (Not the Character), Belle (Not the Character), Bessie, Little Poe, Fluffy, Ocular Processing, Panda - Animal Representatives and Entertainment