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John Holliday
Full name John (Doc) Holliday
Date of Birth December 31, 2494
Parents William Holliday

Sara Holliday

Siblings None
Spouse Esther Marie Holliday
Children Stephen Gomez
Assignment Captain-Aces & Eights
Specialization Doctor/Gunslinger/Gambler
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair soft blue eyes, brown hair
Height and Weight 6'2", 190 lbs
Status Active
Education Information

University of Persephone

Military Service



John "Doc" Holiday was born some 29 years ago on December 31st to William and Sara Holiday. William is a Dentist and Sara is his Dental assistant on the planet of Ezra. Together John's parent's made a decent enough living to eventually put their son through Dental school on Persephone. While growing up William and Sara owned a modest horse ranch on Ezra. John was taught to ride a horse and how to shoot everything from a pistol, a rifle, and a shotgun by his father. When John was 17 his father taught John how to play poker and eventually took him to the Mystic Lady Saloon where he and his son joined into a poker game with some locals. John took to the game quite fast and surprisingly it wasn't too very long and John cleaned everyone out of the money they had. John was hooked on gambling and spent many an evening playing the game in the saloon. To the point where his father became a bit concerned as his first nights luck hadn't stuck with him. Still John won more than he lost and made a nice sum of money for himself.

When John turned 18 his parents sent him to Dental school on Persephone. He didn't graduate first in his class, but was not on the bottom of the class either. He was reasonably studious and is thus fairly knowledgeable about the worlds he has been fortunate to have spent some time on, specifically about Ezra and Persephone. In his spare time John would, more times than not, find himself outside the city practicing his shooting, specifically with his ivory handled pistola's. John spent six years in Dental College at the University of Persephone.

At age 24 John returned home and spent two years in Internship working with his father. Now 26 years old and ready to start his own Practice John said goodbye to his parents and left home to find his own way through life, but before he left his parents gave him a tidy sum of money to see him get by. He spent the better part of the next year roaming from planet to planet looking for a place to settle....though he lately seemed to always be looking towards the Black....maybe his future lies out there aboard a ship, traveling about doing Dental work if and where his services are required. But there's another side of John that he let's slip out every once in a while.....his love of gambling, fast women, and his fast hands where his Ivory handled pistola's are concern. The Ladies, for the most part, seem to enjoy his southern drawl when he speaks..it seems out of place sometimes. His close friends call him "Doc".

Also when John was 24, he met a beauty at a Debutante Ball on Ezra. That night was spent playing cat and mouse with the lovely vixen. Finally the fox quit the chase when she realized that the hound was about to give up the chase. The rest of the night was pure heaven and the mouse has captured the cat. They watched the sunrise. They went together for the next three years. John was on the verge of proposing Matrimony when the love of his life up and disappeared for no reason at all. John speculated that she got wind of the upcoming proposal and got cold feet. This was crushing to John and search as he did he could not find her. Feeling utterly defeated Doc went on a rampage binge of gambling, wine and women. But deep down he still loves the beautiful Kate Fischer. He knows that if she ever should turn up again in his life he would take her back and eventually make that spirited woman his own.

In July of 2522 a wonderful thing happened to Doc. It seems that his lost love Kate had been looking for him for six months and finally found Doc on the Eavesdown Docks on Persephone. After a somewhat heated one way conversation regarding her disappearence Doc took Kate back under one condition, that she marry him. On August 23rd, 2522 Doc and Kate were wed at a small lake on the planet of Paquin by Shepherd Sei-ton in front of a group of his crewmates. It was a lovely short ceremony with rings exchanged.

On December 1st, 2523 Kate gave birth to a set of twins, John Jr. and Elizabeth, called Junior and Lizzie. The twins were born on the Holliday ranch on Paquin, both delivered by Doc himself with Kate's mother Helena present.

The twins were six months old when the Holliday's were taking some time off and vacationing on an off world. Doc was off doing some fishing at a mountain lake that was about a mile down the path from where his Ship, the Aces and Eights was parked, when he heard gunshots coming from back up the path. He ran back up the path and when he arrived his ship was lifting off and was about 200 feet in the air. He was stunned by what he found. There before him, on the ground, lay his wife Kate, and the six month old twins. They had all been shot several times each. The burial was beyond the painful endurance any human should righteously be expected to endure. Doc swore an oath to the family he just buried to avenge their brutal deaths.

For the next year Doc Holliday searched the Verse for thee murderers of his family. This search revealed that a group of cut throats that call themselves the COWBOYS were the ones responsible for the killings. And so a number of dead bodies started showing up all over the verse, all having one thing in common. They all were wearing a long white silk sash that hung down from their left sides.

The search and retribution went on for over a year. It was around this time that Doc and some good friends finally found the Aces & Eights northwest of Paquin City. In a commando raid, Doc and his Friends totally surprised the group of Cowboys and slaughtered every one of them. Thus regaining possession of His Favorite ship. Doc remained single trying to get over the loss of Kate and his children. He turned into himself and was never really the same. He'd date now and then but it just wasn't the same. Then one day Doc met a young woman who, though she didn't know it at the time, put that spark back into his life. It was may of 2530. Doc thought his troubles with the Terrorist Group known as the Cowboys was over. But it wasn't to be. One day on Silverhold two men were caught trying to place a tracking device on the Aces & Eights. Later interrogations revealed that none other than the Cowboys had reorganized and was operational again. They also learned that Doc's new Nemesis was Known as Black Bart. He had put out a contract on Doc. One hundred thousand credits to the Cowboy who brought Him Holliday's dead body. And thus another chapter in Doc's life emerges from the ashes of the old.

Over the next several years saw Doc embroiled with the Cowboys and Black Bart. It was during this time that Doc met Esther Marie Gomez. At first Doc decided to allow Miss Gomez to Captain his ship, the Aces and Eights, while he took up residence aboard his sister-ship the Jia, which belonged to his dear friends Faoite and Dah Knee McGuire. From time to time Holliday would return to the Aces and Eights to check and see how things were going. It was during these short visits back on his ship that he and Miss Gomez became friends....then closer friends....then very close friends, so much so that Doc finally decided he would return to the Aces and Eights and again take up his role as the ship's Captain once again. It wasn't long after doing this that Doc sat down with Esther and told her how he felt about her. At first Esther was skeptical of being in any relationship with any man. Doc understood and gave Esther her space. It was during this time that the two started doing a lot of things together which helped seal the bond between the two.

It was around this time that Doc felt he'd clearly made his feelings well known to Esther. Doc had made evidently a good impression on Esther's son Stephen. The Lad took to Doc very well and had spent a lot of time with Doc fishing and doing things that a good father would do. This pleased Esther also and she was glad there was finally a male adult figure back in Stephen's life. It was then that Doc asked Esther if she'd marry him and Esther said yes. Several months past as the two engaged got involved in several incidents that basically made the bond between them stronger. It was on March 17, 2534 that Doc Holliday took Esther Gomez as his wife in a small ceremony on Paquin.



Doc is a good looking young man, standing 6'2" and weighing in at 190 pounds. He has neatly trimmed Brown hair. He has a soft brown mustache and a little goatee just under his bottom lip and soft blue eyes. He has a nice build which comes from his enjoyment of keeping in shape by running and lifting weight when there's lifting equipment available. Doc is wearing a black suit with a silvery vest. Around the neck of his long-sleeved white shirt is a red ascot, the tongue of which drops under his silvery vest. His suit coat is what is referred to as a Frock coat which he wears over his nickle plated, Ivory handled sidearms. With this he wears highly polished black boots along with a rather swank black hat. There's is a silver chain attached to his belt that leads to one of his vest pockets, the end of which is attached a Gold and Silver time piece, given to him as a graduation present by his parents.