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Full name Holden Maurice Ipswitch
Date of Birth May 19th
Parents Norton & Lori Ipswitch
Siblings Macey (deceased), Carlina, Robyn
Spouse Unwed
Assignment None
Specialization Athletics, animal handling
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Brown eyes, honey blonde hair
Height and Weight 6", 130lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • Highschool, 2 years of university on Londinium
Military Service
  • No military service.


Holden Ipswitch grew up in a small community on Beylix. His mother stayed at home, while his father worked the farms, tending to livestock with the help of his 4 children. He had 3 sisters, triplets, though they were not identical. They were 7 years his junior.

He spent much of his time batting around a ball with an old stick, and quite frankly, he was damn good at it! At age 7, when his father realized the batting arm his son had, Holden was encouraged to join the local school's baseball team. He's never stopped playing since; even when he found out that haemophilia ran in the family.

Growing older still, Holden had an excellent relationship with his sisters. He was never the type to have a big gang of friends to hang around, and instead he preferred to stay behind at the ranch and entertain his siblings. Most of the kids at his school stayed clear of him because of his bad behaviour and bullying habits. He had one close friend, however, who was also his neighbour in the other farms close by, named Lucia. Despite her quirks, and the conflicts he knew she had, the girl grew on him like mould in a damp basement corner.

Holden's father eventually decided that he needed a new hobby other than baseball, and so on his 16th birthday he was awarded... an egg. It took Holden a week of waiting before the egg would hatch into a tiny peregrine falcon chick, who he named Nanaimo. With this new addition to the family, Holden needed to divide his time between academics, baseball, and training Nanaimo.

He graduated high school on Beylix, and was given a scholarship for his athletic excellence to a university on Londinium. He studied in kinesiology, and played for the school's minor league baseball team as a right fielder. The untimely death of his most beloved sister Macey sent him into a downwards spiral. During that time, he quit school and the baseball team, choosing to travel the 'verse with nothing but his duffle bag and Nanaimo to worry about.



Holden is a young man, appearing to be in his early to mid twenties. His build is muscular and lean, with a solid chest and abdomen, and skin that is void of any tan whatsoever. He stands at perhaps 6 feet tall, with golden, honey blonde and wavey hair with extremely light brown eyes to match his unruly mop. His hair is kept somewhat long, with his sandy bangs left to hang over his handsome face. Most often, he wears an old, deep blue baseball cap on his head along with a pair of shades that effectively hide his eyes.

He sports a fine leather jacket over a white and blue, long-sleeved jersey shirt. The shirt tightens over the muscles of his chest, and then loosens around his torso and shoulders significantly. The jacket has a few zippers on it, and the right shoulder looks clawed and cut up, as if someone took a tiny knife to it and began making lacerations in the leather. His jeans are dark blue, with a few chains hanging out of his pockets which then connect to the brown belt fastened over his hips. The white shoes he wears have thin soles, black laces tying them together securely with black toes and a black



Holden is down to earth, and very laid back. His sense of humour ranges from slap stick to witty, though he tends to be very sarcastic and even insulting when he gets too comfortable. He understands his boundaries, and he rarely oversteps them for fear of humiliation and failure, though when it comes to baseball he is very arrogant. The boy has the ability to be charming, but only if he can be arsed to do so, and that's usually only on a rare occasion. He smirks a lot, but he's not a very smiley type of guy - it takes him a while to get used to other people before he makes an effort to open up.
His lack of ambition makes him seem very lazy, and his constant complaining about whatever happens to be bothering him irritates others quickly. Sometimes, it's difficult to tell if he means to or not. Holden has a soft side, but which side that's on is a chore that one much devote to. After his sister's demise, he started smoking cigarettes almost regularly, and is strongly addicted. Since his slow degeneration, he has become extremely afraid of tight spaces, and prefers the outdoors greatly.


He'll do anything if you can convince him that it's fun, and not a waste of his precious time. Chances are he's already done a lot of illegal things in his short life, just for the hell of it, though he draws the line at harming smaller animals and MOST women. If it doesn't make him some money, or entertain him, good luck trying to get him to do it. The only exception is his baseball cap; you touch his cap, and then you lose a hand. That goes for everyone.



Claustrophobic: Claustrophobia is an anxiety disorder that involves the fear of enclosed or confined spaces. Claustrophobes may suffer from panic attacks, or fear of having a panic attack, in situations such as being in elevators.

Hooked: You're addicted to a substance be it alcohol, tobacco, or some type of drug. You must get your fix on a regular basis or suffer serious problems.

Bleeder: You suffer a medical condition known as hemophilia or you take blood thinners for another medical condition. Your blood doesn't clot like most folks blood, so try not to get cut, shot, or stabbed.