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Helena Byrne
Full name Helena Byrne (Born Helen O'Brian)
Date of Birth April 10, 2504
Parents Mother:Isabel O'Brian Father:Jack O'Brian
Siblings Michael (b2492-d2511)Conor and Katie (b2494) Sophie (b2496) Liam (b2498) Mia (b2500)
Specialization Companion
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Hazel Eyes/Red hair
Height and Weight 5'8" / 130 lbs
Status Retired Companion
Employment History

Current: PR-Aces and Eights Companion Guild-House Daska


Early life
Helena was born Helen O'Brian on a ranch in the country areas of Hera. She was a late child born several years after her mother thought herself unable to carry another. The youngest of four girls and three boys she was much of a free spirit and oft she would run over to the Munro ranch nearby and became good friends to the youngest daughter, Moriah, though she was four years her junior. When the war came to Hera when Helen was seven, her eldest brother joined the Alliance forces, invisioning a life of glory as oft the young do. He would meet his end in the Valley instead. The war did set neighbors against neighbors as some fought for the alliance and others the independents. With their neighbor's eldest fighting independents and their own eldest fighting for the alliance, Helen was forbade from visiting Moriah, but the pair did find ways to meet unphased by the politics their families spouted. Soon the war would become a distant memory, though the lines drawn did last longer...but there was definatly a path over them Moriah and Helen frequented.
Life marches on and Helen continued to grow and learn, the lines of war slowly started to fade. She was reaching an age where she was becoming less of a child and setting on her path of womanhood. A path that set her mother to thinking. Though they had a good name, much of the ranch was destroyed in the war and money would be tight for the family. As the youngest of seven, University would just not be an option for the finances it would entail. At best she would become a ranchers wife to beget a brood of her own. This was not a life that appealed to the young Helen. A girl quick to laughter, but there was intelligence behind those hazel eyes. Intelligence that called for something more then the droll path ahead of her. Her mother had different plans for her as well and submitted an application to the Companion's guild to train up her daughter. A life that would hold more promise, money and 'freedom' than one she would ever find here. At thirteen Helen was accepted into the guild and while her education had been lacking in the finer arts before then, her natural intelligence and stubborn nature did help her through those early years of frustrated learning.
Companion training
In the years of her training lessons in language, fencing, archery, dancing and the like were a part of her daily existence. Lessons that would turn the girl into someone who would not be out of place at a core world banquet for her poise, grace and eloquence. Occasionally the country girl does peak out from the refined image the house tries to form in her. A girl who likes to dance barefoot in the rain should the opportunity present itself, her freckled face turned to the sky. She was quick to pick up languages and even dancing, though she did struggle with instruments, finally settling on the piano as something she would not cause any great strain to those that listened. She did become quite close friends with an older girl named Celia at the companion house, a friendship that would grow over the years from mentor and trainee to equals. She ,unlike others in her position, has taken pride in her country roots. Her charitable work is often in teaching reading to girls in country and slum areas, raising money for educational supplies for such areas and the like. Over the years the rough country edges were filed off and upon taking her vows she did take on a more...sophisticated name of Helena Byrne. At 20 years of age she is ready to leave the companion house where she has spent her last seven years and embark on the adventures that await her outside those sacred walls.
Over the next decade as a companion she served House Daska well. For several years retaining the allure of the innocent and pure. A few years after being settled on Persephone she was a victim of a mugging/stabbing which left her in hospital for a time. While in itself it was not a serious injury, there were secondary complications due to antibiotic resistance that forced her stay. Once recovered she returned to her duties, taking tours in the verse on various ships. Finding friends in all types and walks of life. Then there were the dark years of Article 69 in which companions, nobles and government officials were targeted by assassins. During this time she was being protected by the bounty hunters guild which thwarted many an attack, but she was shot on one of these. The recovery and strain of these attacks prompted her to hide away for a time. A few years later she rejoined her work as a companion only to find herself as a target to the attacks again. This time she had a personal protector...one she would fall for and find more draw than the companion guild offered her.
Over the next months her affection would grow for this man. This Viking. Conoger. Between the attacks and having been presented a light at the end of the tunnel, she started walking toward it. Reducing her client load, taking time teaching instead or helping out aboard the Aces which she now called home. The final decision to retire was brought in the form of a little orphan girl that came into her life. It awoke in her the desire for motherhood that she had long ago hid away as a companion. Life has gotten interesting since she made this decision, but she has not looked back.


Helena is a young woman of above average height and a slim build. Her body that of a dancer, long elegant lines and a strength beneath the softness of her flesh. Her waist length curly red hair is oft coiled up upon her head in some fanciful arrangement held by chopsticks from which dangle jewels, feathers or the like dependent on her mood or dress. Bright hazel eyes peek out from beneath delicately arched brows. Blue orbs flecked with green and brown and oft showing a hint of amusement as if she is laughing inside at her own private joke. Her slender lips are often tipped in a soft little smile, usually bearing a coral color or some other more natural shade. Across her cheeks and nose are a smattering of freckles though they are usually hidden by a careful application of makeup.
She oft wears a kimono style dress or an old style dress such as worn in the late nineteenth century on old earth, each depending on the desires of her client at the time. Ivories, coral, greens and reds are among the palette she does choose for her garments. Colors that accentuate her skin, hair, and eyes, bringing those attributes out to their brightest.

Little Known Facts

-Has Asthma
-Allergic to antibiotics
-Eldest brother died in the war at Serenity Valley
-Has taught herself Latin and Spanish, and knows Gaelic as well from family upbringing as well as dabbling in other languages
-Daughter of a rancher, quite comfortable horseback and with a shotgun should the opportunity rise
-Works hard to cover her country ranchers accent to please clients


On Newcastle at a Harvest Festival before she entered the Companion House Bryce dallas howard.jpg
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Helena Byrne Learning the Language of the Fan Bryce.jpg
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Dressing up and down for Clients

Off duty...

A new life, a new look


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