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This page refers to a character who no longer exists. For the PC currently using this name see Heather Islip
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Full name Heather (last name unknown)
Date of Birth 26th April, 2505 (but unknown to her)
Parents unknown, but both deceased
Siblings none
Spouse Unwed
Specialization Streetwise, Move Silently, Seduction
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blonde hair and blue eyes
Height and Weight 5’ 1”, 90 lbs
Status Inactive
Military Service



Heather is a very pretty and small young lady; about 5' 1" (155 cm) and very slender, but not really skinny. She has blonde hair, blue eyes, and lightish skin, although her skin is a little darker then you might expect of a blonde. She does have a couple blemishes, but the imperfections just add to her beauty. Her face shows classic high cheek bones, but in addition to her basic Scandinavian good looks, she has an exotic mix of features, Asian and Indian.

Her hair is extremely long (reaches the floor and then some, even when she's standing), fairly thick, very shiny, and it is very straight. On her forehead she has gentle upswept bangs, then her hair covers both of her ears as they travel down her long, fairly slender neck.

Heather's current outfit is pink, a shoulderless blouse and a long skirt. The pink blouse is long sleeved and covers all to her waist, but an elastic gather keeps it up above her breasts and off of her entire shoulders and upper arms. The blouse is a light pink and translucent enough and kind of loose so that one or both her nipples may be poking through the top and it may be that her breasts are visible, but you're not quite totally sure. At her waist is a tight cincher, much wider than a belt would be, made mostly of brown cloth, but with a design of mostly slightly curved lines. The very bottom of her blouse peaks out from beneath the cincher.

The skirt is long; just at the top of her ankles, and wrap around in front. The skirt is also pink, but a darker shade of pink then the top. Under the skirt is a sheer underskirt, about an inch longer than the main skirt and the same shade of pink as the blouse. The main skirt at times shows her calves, knees, and just above her knees through the sheer underskirt, but her modesty is never in doubt.