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Full name Heather Fuku
Date of Birth Sometime in 2504, exact date unknown. But she celebrates it on May 8.
Spouse Fuku Tsuki
Gender Female


Heather stands at maybe a little more than five feet tall. She has shoulder-length red hair that's slightly unkempt, green eyes, and a complexion that's not quite pale, but couldn't be described as tan either. There's a very subtle hint of Asian ancestry in her features.

She has three items on her that might be considered 'jewlrey'. The first is a plastic ring. It's worn on her right pinkie finger, and looks like something you'd find in a gumball machine. The second is a bracelet tied around her right wrist. The bracelet is made of multi-colored yarn, and decorated with beads and shiny bits of metal. Third is something that looks like a medical ID bracelet.


While the Draba was landed on Persephone, Heather found a small group of homeless kids -- one of whom tried to snatch her purse. She promised not to call the police, if they agreed to let her buy them dinner. During this dinner she began to develop a rapport with them, sharing some of her own history. She identifies with these kids, and tries to do as much as she possibly can.


Age 13 The oldest of the group. Speaks Japanese natively, but understands English well enough to get by -- and knows enough Sign Language to be an interpreter for Zack and Jason. She tries to take care of the others, and isn't above stealing to do so. She tries to go to school, but misses more days than she shows up.


Age 8 Deaf, and communicates through Sign Language. Dropped out of school.


Age 10 Speaks only Russian and Sign Language.


Age 7 The only native English speaker in the group. Has ambitions of becoming a professional dancer someday. Still attending school full-time.


Heather never knew her parents. She spent her youth at a variety of orphanages on several different planets. When she turned eighteen, she left the orphanages for good; but her lifestyle hasn't changed much. Rather than hopping from one orphanage to another, she hops from one ship to another. She prefers to fly the ship, but she's worked pretty much every job imaginable. Although Heather seems pretty happy with this lifestyle, she has never called any place 'home', and she's never called anybody 'family'.

Heather's PC story starts in December of 2524, when she got hired onto the Bengalo Draba. Her intention was for this to be just another job, one that she'd leave after working for a month or two. For some reason she felt that the Draba was different, that the crew was different. Heather considers the ship to be her first home.

Being a part of the family has caused Heather to want to find her actual birth parents. At first, the search turned up nothing but dead ends. But after months of looking, she found the first name of a man who could potentially be her biological father. She went to Londinium to try and track the man down, but finding a person when all you have is a first name and a planet proved to be fruitless. By pure chance, though, she did run into a woman named Terra who was looking for the same man. A DNA test proved that the two women were sisters. Heather still isn't entirely sure how to handle this, but overall she's happy with the situation.

When Terra discovered that Heather hadn't seen a doctor in years, she forced her to get a check-up. The check-up revealed some scarring in her brain tissue. At first, Heather did everything she could to ignore the problem. But now she's doing her best to live with it.

Heather got married to Maki Tsuki in November of 2526. Unable to decide whose surname to keep, they decided to come up with a new name. They chose Fuku, which is Japanese for lucky.