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Conoger Jacobs (Hase O'Donald )
Full name Hase John O'Donald/ Conoger Jacobs
Date of Birth 2495 May 29 (Jiangyin)/(Whitefall)
Parents John O'Donald (deceased), Jessy O'Donald (deceased)
Siblings Mark O'Donald, Jacky O'Donald (sister inlaw), John(nephew), Jessy & Hase(Twins, niece & nephew)
Assignment Security/Trader/Captain/Bounty Hunter
Specialization Security
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Brown eyes, short black hair
Height and Weight 6 feet, 250 lbs/300 lbs
Status Active
Education Information

none (The Parliamentary Gold Medal)

Employment History


He is about 6 feet tall and weighs about a good 250 to about 300 lbs of solid mass. He has wide shoulders and his body mass is that of a exceptionally fit sort of man. Seeming to move easily here and there and his walk is almost agile in nature. He has a firm set jaw; brown eyes and short black hair that he tends to keep trim. He has the facial hair but more like day old stubble.

At the moment he is wearing what looks to be the brown dusters that reaches to the ground and covers him nicely all about him. It looks thick and well used but it covers a pair of thick cargo pants black in color and a pair of military style boots also black in color. Also wearing a vest, this vest is made of high quality black nylon and is thin enough to be worn under armor. Some of the pockets close together with little bits of velcro, others with black metal zippers. It closes up the front with metal buckles that are also painted black. The Crimson Shield logo is displayed on the center of this vest, both front and back.


Looking at this man, you can see he has not cleaned himself up in months. His hair is long, way past his shoulder to his mid back, rather dirty looking. The darkness of his hair comes down and covers most of his face, obscuring most features as it hangs past his chin. His face is covered by a raggedy beard, that hangs down closer to mid chest, also not very well kept. The one eye he seems to look around with is brown in color, the other obscured by his hair. If he was not hunched over, some would say he is or was tall and perhaps fit at one point or another.

Wearing an old beat up trench coat, one you can't even tell if it was brown or even dark red in color. It hangs loosely about him, not obscuring that he wears more clothing underneath, dark and as the trench coat, old and well used. The cargo pants he wears like everything else is old and worn down, some of the side pockets no longer even there. Finally the boots, they seem to have gone to hell and back but amazingly enough they still seem to be working.


This mans hair is long, way past his shoulder to his mid back, but clean and possibly combed. The dark redness of his hair comes down and covers most of his face, obscuring most features as it hangs past his chin. His face is covered by a beard, that hangs down to his chest, also neatly kept and dark red, the beard is braided down along it's length and the end of the braids tied by leather knots. The one eye he seems to look around with is brown in color, the other obscured by his hair. If he was not hunched over, some would say he is or was tall and perhaps fit at one point or another.

He wears a viking helmet, this helmet has two horns curving upward that look real but more likely are some kind of synthesized resin recreation. Also wearing an old beat up trench coat, one you can't even tell if it was brown or even dark red in color. Underneath his trench coat there is armor. The body suit is a light gray mat material that forms around the body of its wearer. It covers from neck to toe. Within certain area's across the bodysuit are segmented black plates that offer extra protection. At his feet are very old, beat up combat boots, they do look comfortable.


The year that he was born seemed like a delight to both his father and mother, strong, healthy and at that time they thought he be full of promise. Little did they know he be possibly the opposite, especially when his younger brother came along. Sure they lived in a farm, worked hard as can be with any family starting off with little to none. Still his father kept the farm going, raising livestock and keeping them for a while and then selling, it kept them humble as they got enough to survive on. Still things seem well, though Hase seemed to get into allot of fights and had a tendency to rebel against his parents teachings.

It was when he was about the age of 14 did he come to see that going into town, hanging with friends that he got into alot more trouble, more trouble but not getting caught. Himself and a few others formed a small group of kids that simply did what they wanted, figured that they could do anything, little did they know. Though two years they kept themselves together, then at his 16th birthday a ship landed in the nearby town, which is when things turned on them. That ship was some sort of transport, all seemed well enough except that the group had become bored and figured to see what was inside, sneak in perhaps. Well they almost succeeded, until they where caught easily enough. The captain and the crew, rough looking men, all of them, seemed ready to beat them and send them on their way. Hase had become a gambler, thinking he had pretty good skills and so he bargained what little coins they have for the freedom and leave without a pounding, a card game. Always looking for a profit, young he was.

It had come down that he was doing pretty good against the captain one on one, everyone watching, his friends nervous, though the crew of the captain seemed calmed, almost knowing something was up. In the end Hase was very confident and that was his downfall, he bet more than he had, way more, very confident that he would win...but no, he lost. They were beaten and tossed out of the ship with a warning that they had a weeks time to come up with the substantial amount of money they bet or it come out of their hide. Hase and all the others knew they meant it, though bleeding and beat and barely walking, they staggered away, fearing for their lives. Weeks go by and that is when it happened, his friends slowly start to get beat, broken bones, the demand for payment seriously coming down on them. They go into hiding but still they are found, this went on for a month. Then it came out that one of Hase's friends was killed, beaten to death. The rest decided it was time to leave, scrambble away and hide beyond the planet and on to others. Hase was stubborn, he did not go to his parents, in actuality he had not lived with them for nearly a year but he would go back to help on occasion. The day he left was his mother’s breaking point, his mother died a few weeks later, Hase had not gone back once or even written.

Hase eventually came to work for the unsavory types, doing what was needed, doing what it was needed to survive and hide out. He did not back down from anything, though a protective nature came out or he was put in that mode, in either case he came to understand his position in life, protect the ones he cared for, not to run away again.

History 2

Hase has had enough working for the unsavory types, he had come to realize he is not like that but capable of doing such. So he left his employer and started wondering in Persephone, he put a bulletin out to seek employment on a ship, he had always been interested in them. Soon he was contacted or bumped into the captain of the Dragon, nice fellow and Sink took him in, not many questions asked but was tested in many aspects by the Security Chief Trevor. There he learned more and more, his weapons skills increased and knowledge of them, he grew into this position and came to enjoy it. Time past and one must move on and so he did, found another ship the Inari. He did well, showed he had excellent skills and became security chief on that ship in time. Though differences between the captain and himself set things in motion, he left the Inari. Then he jumped on to another ship and found out that it was not for him, it took several weeks before he came to see another, and old friend was captain of the Jia. He was taken in and from that point he has not left, he isn’t planning to either.

History 3

Another year goes by and Hase once again has a wonderlust, perhaps looking for something for himself but eventualy he left the Jia. Many emotions as he left, though he had married Danee Vit Kalderdash, it seemed she was not happy been an outcast from her Romany family, even though it hurt to leave and both agreed, it would not work, still that special feeling still exists within Hase for Danee Vit Kalderdash. So off he went, looking for a place to serve as he searched for a place to settle in for some time, it did not take long as he soon found employment with the Guan-Yin II. He did not stay to long on the ship, he did his work but something was missing and with regrets he decided to move on, searching for that missing thing. A few months went by, he used up what little savings he had, he even thought of joining the Alliance or maybe going pirate, in the end he simply stayed within the planet of Persephone. Once again hanging in the roughest parts of the place, drinking and simply going back to his old ways. This went on for months, met a few old friends again, made new friends and possibly enemies. Eventualy he ended up befriending Eugene, great cook and friendly little asian woman. It was her and her husband Leutrim that mentioned the Crimson Shield Security, and old crewmate of theirs that was looking for my type of people, so after a week or two of contemplaiting and funds running real low, he decided to speak to Morgan Kendrick. After speaking to him, Hase had a good feeling about the Crimson Shield Security, something that he was looking for indeed and once the organization got a ship, he was in his glory, he was flying and running cargo. Been security and fixing the ship the Fenrir and Osprey Class Ship just like the Jia. So far he has enjoyed this work, helping others, earning some pay and eventualy having fun teaching and challenging others in physical training, making the organization work that much better, giving his skills, teaching and learning himself. Who knows what the future holds but he plans to stay with the Crimson Shield Security as long as possible.

History 4

Crimson Shield worked out well, until the founder and owner dissappeared. We looked up and down for him and to no avail we could not find him. We came to terms that he may have been taken, since he did have many enemies but we did not give up, we still looked. Since Hase was second in command and according to his will, Hase was named beneficiary to his Crimson Shield Security. From that point on we continued to do what we all were good at, protect and run security. As a side line we started hauling cargo and started to make more money that way, both jobs were doing great. Hase had to take a leave of absence, trouble at his home world with family, he pretty much went off the radar....for a year. Many thought he had perished , as the former leader but no, things had been bad but he came back. Things had changed at the Crimson Shield, some old faces were gone and the Head quarters had been made into a resort, it was a very nice resort and he approved. Time went by and once again Hase had to depart, this time more serious and that was the last of Hase to be heard of.

Current History

Hase was captured many years back by a man named Albert John (gambler, self mad man). It was here that Hase lost his identity, he had become a slave...of sorts. Hase did not care about his life but the family he had and his friends ment more than anything. Under the threat that his family would be tortured and killed in time, he agreed to work for Albert John. Hase did alot of things he would not have done normaly, he had left that life many years back and now he was back again. Five years it took for him to escape and fake his death, with the help of the boss where he had been stationed, he had died in a gun fight. Now, paying off certain unsavory types, he heads back to familiar places, seeing what has become of his former world. Not as Hase but as Conoger, he hopes that his identity has been lost with his former life. Now a broken man, he wonders the bars and not so nice places, looking and wondering if he can be whole again.


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