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"If anyone gets nosy, just ... you know ... shot 'em" - Mal
"Shoot 'em?" - Zoe
"Politely." - Mal

Full name Harmon DeShaw
Nickname: Stitch
Date of Birth July 9th, 2500
Birthplace Hera
Parents Charles and Chloe DeShaw
Siblings N/A
Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Assignment Doctor
Specialization Combat Medicine
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Dirty Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes
Height and Weight 5'11" - 150lbs
Status Active
Education Information

Lilac College - Medical degree
Lilac Secondary and Primary Schooling
Languages: English and Chinese

Employment History

Arctic Raider II - Combat Medicine

Personal Notes

Feat - Total Recall

Description and Personality


Fairly average height, standing just under 6ft tall with a lanky build. He's got somewhat handsome feature by most standards, but by no means is a heart-breaker. He's lanky for the most part, but tries to keep mostly in shape.

He normally wears pretty casual, functional clothes. Cargo Pants, button down shirts with the sleeves rolled up, leather jackets or dusters.

Secured to his hip is always a pistol unless there's no way to have it on his person. He believes in being prepared and isn't a half-bad shot and most of the time he's toting a first aid kit hung over his shoulder and has been known to do a little free-lance work for the right people and the right price.


Pretty laid back and not one to pick a fight for no reason. He may not be high-class but he carries himself with a little dignity. He talks good and maintained his manners even out in the verse even if he did pick up a like for the sauce and smoke. He's a bit more sociable, but not afraid to tell someone to piss off it the situation calls for it.


Harmon was born on Hera, a border planet, to parents who were originally from the core. His mother died when he was only 3 years old to a hit and run and he doesn't have any real memories of her. His father was a respected doctor and from a young age Harmon idolized him and his profession.

At the age of 7 his father moved them to Lilac. Harmon attended school, and did quite well. He was never overly athletic and was content to stay indoors for the most part. He possessed a keen mind, easily able to recall anything he read or saw almost exactly regardless of time that passed. While in school he began working under his father in a small clinic, gaining a base for medicinal skills and setting him on the path of a doctor.

As far as personality goes Harmon wasn't overly sociable. He had a crude sense of humor and wasn't above having fun at others expenses though he did it with manners. Growing up on Hera and then Lilac he held no great love for the Alliance, and after the mass broadcast he wasn't as easily swayed by the propaganda that followed trying to quash distrust among the 'verse. The wave was broadcast when he was 18, fresh from school and enrolling in medical school on Lilac.

While not a shiny core planet, Harmon still excelled in his studies. Taking optional courses along the way because of his desire to learn. After a few years he was making his rounds and moving towards gaining his credentials as a surgeon and trauma doctor, the emergency center being the only place that kept him busy enough.

The year was 2524 now and things took a turn for Harmon. There was a Reaver raid on Lilac while Harmon was off-world on break. It was something that happens out on the Rim and it was always in the back of his mind but this time was different -- They got his father. Needing someone to blame Harmon turned his grief to the Alliance, though had no way beyond strong words and disdain to appease his blame. He spent another year and a half in med-school and had all but completed his studies before simply stopping. He went out and got on the crew of the 'Sojourn'. A transport that mostly hauled freight but had a variety of interesting characters. He was their stitch, a nickname he picked up, and kept them alive during and after jobs.

He didn't stop learning. He'd get on the cortex and pick up books to keep his skills ever expanding and even got with a few members of the crew to learn some new things. For a little over a year he worked with them, learned Aikido, some basic piloting and a variety of other tidbits.

Previously on Serenity

Fairly fresh from his adventures through the 'verse Harmon spent some time back on Lilac and came across some members of the commonwealth. Bitter and still laying the blame on the Alliance he got set up with a meet and greet and then pledged his loyalties to the commonwealth as one of their doctors.


Harmon tests his Agility against a 63 difficulty. The result is successful (39).
<OOC> Harmon blinks....
<OOC> Harmon says, "apparently my rolls respond well to taunts?"

Harmon tests his Martial_Arts against a 50 difficulty. The result is unsuccessful (-6).
<OOC> Harmon Facepalms.
<OOC> Harmon says, "My rolls want me to be handcuffed it seems -sighs-"

Harmon's list of Knows


Frost - Harold - Jupiter - Deedra - Devlin - Kylan - Milo - Rand - WeiWei - Jing-Wei - Neve - Boots - Brandon - 'Kodiak' - Yvaine

Harmon's Portfolio


"Shiny! Let's be bad guys" ~ Jayne


Everclear -

Monster Magnet -
'Space Lord'

Ween -
'It's Gunna Be a Long Night'