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Terraformed Not terraformed
Sim. Status Not coded
Type Moon
Size Class 1 (A)
Class Border
Orbit First from Persephone

No attempt was made to terraform Hades, for a number of reasons. Firstly, the planetoid is too small, being roughly half the size of Luna, the moon of Earth-That-Was, which means that an atmosphere won't cling to its low gravity. It is composed almost entirely of ice and iron-ferrite deposits, which leaves little for the terraforming engines to work with. Hades' orbit keeps it in Persephone's shadow for the better part of two weeks, with only a few days of direct sunlight, making power generation problematic at best. Perhaps most tellingly, the planetoid rotates at a tremendous rate of speed, barely managing to hang onto its bits and pieces as it spins.

Being more of a captured comet than a moon, the undesirable surface conditions make it unsuitable for settling or mining, and its iron-ferrite composition means that it tends to interfere with Waves and NavSat signals. As a hazard to navigation, all NavSats have been programmed to direct ships away from Hades, and thus most people don't even remember that it's there, save as a blip on their scanners or a visual spectacle on those rare days when light reflects from it onto Persephone's night side.